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First aid (a part 2)

  • If it will be found out that the washing solution follows from the car, it is necessary to switch off it, to turn upside down and to define a leak place. More often the leak appears in fastening places to a tank and to the pump of rubber hoses. Tighten screws of collars, krepjashchih a hose, or wind izoljatsionnoj with a tape a hose in a place of its break - and the tank not begins to leak. Sometimes during washing the pump ceases to swing water. In this case it is necessary to take out linen from a tank and to look, whether the lattice over a drain aperture of a tank has got littered. Having cleaned it, turn the car and check up reliability of fastening of a pulley of the pump. If oslab the lock screw on a pulley, tighten it. Look (depending on car type), whether the pump pulley touches an engine pulley, whether oslab a pump belt. The found out defect immediately eliminate.

    Having finished linen washing, pour out a solution and necessarily wash out water and wipe dry a rag the case, a tank and a centrifuge.

    The is more often you will pay attention on "ъряЁшч№" the car and to eliminate the reasons generating them, the it will be more reliable to work.

    ... To the Vacuum cleaner. Beginning morning cleaning of apartment, you, as always, include a vacuum cleaner. But what is it? the Engine works as though normally, its habitual buzz is heard, and the dust remains on a place. The vacuum cleaner does not involve it.

    Before to make decision to bear it in a workshop, look, whether the flexible hose is enough densely connected to a branch pipe of an entrance aperture of a vacuum cleaner. If this connection has appeared reliable, disconnect a hose and check up a palm vsasyvanie air on an entrance aperture of a vacuum cleaner. If podsos is, check up, whether the hose is hammered, clean it, attentively examine a hose surface, whether there are no on it the through breaks passing air. Thus consider that the cotton braid on a hose can hide a break. Having found out damage, wind a hose in a break place izoljatsionnoj with a tape, and a vacuum cleaner again will be excellent to work.

    It is necessary to watch work of brushes, to check, whether they get off in shchetkoderzhatele (whether hang). If brushes were erased and 10 mm became shorter, it is necessary to replace them new. Reliable contact to a collector can not be and in that case, when oslabnut pressing springs. For defect elimination open a vacuum cleaner, turn away caps on shchitoderzhateljah and take out brushes. Stretch springs, change brushes (if it is necessary) and wrap caps. If brushes enter hardly, drive them on the size shchetkoderzhatelja. Before establishing brushes, blow off a coal dust from a collector, reel up cotton wool on a match or a wire, moisten it in spirit or in cologne and wipe an engine collector (plates which concern coal brushes). Thus some times turn a hand an anchor.

    Can happen and so that after vacuum cleaner inclusion its engine will not work. Then it is necessary to search for malfunction in electroconducting or in the engine.

    If both the socket, and a cord are serviceable, it is necessary to remove the switch of a vacuum cleaner and to check up it. Do it so: disconnect a vacuum cleaner from the electric system and disconnect from the switch the ends of a wire going to it. Then connect them, passing the switch. Again include a connecting cord in the socket. If the vacuum cleaner starts to work, the cause of defect - the switch means, and it is necessary to replace it new. If and now the vacuum cleaner does not work, it is necessary to check up the engine, and it can be made only in a workshop.

    Sometimes at inclusion in a network in a vacuum cleaner there is a strong roar and a gnash. Immediately switch off a vacuum cleaner, open it, remove a dust collector and check up fan turbines. Any subjects (coins, buttons) there have for certain got. Remove them. Thus pay attention to a condition turbinok of the fan: whether pognuty blades, whether oslabli fastening nuts. If blades pognuty, accurately correct them. Simultaneously check up a dust collector. The broken off places or the unstitched seams of a bag sew up. To erase a dust collector it is not recommended, as after washing the material can sit down and access of air to it will be complicated. Having eliminated lacks, collect a vacuum cleaner and check up it in work. At assemblage will pay special attention on that rubber between demountable parts of the case was densely clamped by locks.

    Do not suppose sharp bends of a hose and a cord. In due time, after each cleaning, clear a dust collector and the filter.

    Long work of a vacuum cleaner without periodic deenergizing can put out of action the engine. Therefore after each 50 minutes of work do 10 - a 20-minute break.

    It is impossible to reel up a cord on the warm case of a vacuum cleaner: these can spoil case colouring.

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