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First aid

  • ... To the Refrigerator. Having opened once refrigerator doors, you suddenly can see that snow "°ѕср" on the evaporator has disappeared, and the pallet is full some water. The refrigerator has ceased to be a refrigerator. What to do? How again to force it to work normally?

    First of all it is necessary to check up serviceability of electroconducting. If at an open door of a refrigerator the lighting bulb burns, it means that the cord, a plug of a cord and a plug receptacle are serviceable. If the bulb does not light up, it is necessary to check up a plug receptacle. For this purpose it is enough to include in it a plug of a cord of a desk lamp for any electrodevice. Having established that the socket is serviceable, check up a connecting cord. Disconnect it from a plug receptacle, disassemble a plug and pull serially cord veins. Thus torn off end will easily be found out. Cord correction - has put idle time. Do not forget only the repaired place of a cord to wind izoljatsionnoj with a tape.

    Can be and so that your refrigerator works, but with faults. Then first of all check up pressure in a network. At too low voltage of the relay starts to jingle, and the interval between deenergizing and engine inclusion becomes short-term. To achieve normal work of a refrigerator in this case it is possible only in one way - its inclusion in a network through raising transformer.

    Having convinced, as conducting is serviceable, and pressure in a network normal, switch on and off some times a temperature regulator. If at deenergizing of a temperature regulator contacts, becoming isolated, publish a sound similar to click, it means that faulty and it it is necessary to replace a temperature regulator new.

    If the refrigerator evaporator quickly is frosted over, and the refrigerator joins often and switched off, check up tightness of a case. Between a door and a case there should not be a backlash, through which warm air from a room can get into a refrigerator. If the door, for tightness restoration has sagged, as a rule, happens to tighten screws of fastening of loops quite enough. Having put linings under loops and a lock latch, tightening or weakening screws of fastening of rubber, adjust this backlash so that at the closed door in it did not pass sheet of a dense paper. If such adjustment is not possible (a backlash will remain more admissible), it is necessary to replace all sealing rubber on a door of a refrigerator new.

    Noise and knock at work of the refrigerating unit can appear from a touch of pipelines to the case case, a casing of the compressor or the unit condenser. Cautiously unbend the pipeline in a place of its touch - and noise will disappear.

    The Casing of the compressor of the refrigerating unit has a spring suspension bracket which also can create noise. To eliminate it it is possible, regulating suspension bracket bolts, cautiously turning or weakening them.

    ... To the Washing machine. Habitual movement of a hand you include a cord plug in a network, press the button of the actuator or handle turn include a timer, but always obedient your will the washing machine refuses to work this time. That to it has occurred and what to do? On a call of the expert the workshop will be left by a lot of time, and at you it is not present. Yes, besides, you are almost assured that serious breakage in the car cannot be. After all more recently worked. And you, perhaps, are right. In most cases malfunctions of the car happen are insignificant, and they are easy for eliminating most, without resorting to the help of repair shop.

    First of all, disconnect the car from a network, check up serviceability of a plug receptacle and a connecting cord. And consider that the cord breaks about a plug plug more often.

    If in the car it is required to replace a cord, it is necessary to turn it upside down, to turn away screws on kolodke its fastenings to the car case, then to disconnect a cord from the thermal relay and the engine.

    Disconnecting a cord, be attentive. Properly remember, as it is connected not to be mistaken, connecting to the car a new cord. Having convinced that conducting is serviceable, check up work of the actuator, the thermal relay, a timer. Include a connecting cord of the car in a network and if the car thus does not work, the removed relay or the actuator are faulty. Buy the new relay and the actuator, connect to it wires and put into place. Serviceability of the switch is in the same way checked also.

    Happens and so that, having switched off the car, you clearly hear noise of the working engine, but the activator in a tank does not rotate. In this case it is necessary to disconnect the car from a source of a current and, having turned it upside down, to put on the come off belt engine and activator pulleys. Thus consider that poorly tense belt reduces intensity of washing. To adjust a belt tension it is possible, moving the engine on podmotornoi to a frame. For this purpose oslabte on two-three turns screws of fastening of the engine to a frame, move it and again fix.

    Sometimes after inclusion of the engine the car starts to hoot strongly, and the activator does not rotate. The engine in some minutes is switched off. It occurs because that loading of a tank by linen is made incorrectly. Look, whether the linen between the activator and a tank has got. If both a belt will pull normally and the linen in a tank lies well, check up pressure in a network. If it below normal, disconnect the car and postpone washing for other time of days when pressure in a network is normalised. To include the car through raising transformer it is possible only in the presence of the transformer capacity 1 - 2 sq.

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