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the Lobby

  • The First impression of your apartment is created in a lobby, therefore to equip it it is necessary especially carefully and rationally. First of all in it it is necessary to establish a hanger. In hanger shops are presented in the most various variants: pendant or floor, with a back wall and without it. In the absence of a back wall at a hanger a site of the wall which are behind it, it is recommended to close, that it not grjaznilsja.

    For this purpose you can use the polished wood, beautiful wattled rugs, layered plastic or simply piece of a dark or figured fabric with accurately filed edges.

    It is impossible to forget and about a special hanger for children. It accustoms them to accuracy and independence. To make it it is possible so: on the vertical boards attached to a wall to fill horizontal rejki with an interval of 15-20 sm, and in rejkah to make apertures where to insert small pegs with a notch on the end that the clothes did not slide off. It is possible to cover wood with a transparent varnish or to paint a paint, it is possible even bright colour.

    If you wish to increase hanger capacity, a shelf for headdresses make from bruskov and between them place mobile pendant hooks, having strengthened them on large buttons. Buttons should be selected convex are will provide easier and their smooth movement on bruskam. Instead of buttons it is possible to use large balls of a beads. The general depth of a shelf of any design for hats should be not less than 26 see

    The built in case is very convenient for a lobby. It can be used for economic needs, and also for storage of skis, fishing tackles and other lengthy subjects.

    The low locker in which top part strengthen bruski is convenient For footwear storage or wooden round sticks for which on footwear hook heels (socks of shoes and low shoes rest against wooden laths). Doors in such lockers to do not necessarily. It is possible to replace them with a curtain from a fabric. The top plane of a locker is used as a regiment, and on its lateral planes it is possible to strengthen two brackets from metal or a wire for storage of umbrellas and canes.

    The Mirror for a lobby can be any form and the size. It can be hung up on a wall or by means of special flat hooks - kljamerov to attach to a door of a lavatory or on doors of the built in case. If the mirror small also fastens on a wall, under it it is possible to arrange a box-tray for small subjects or small podzerkalnuju a shelf with a box or a niche.

    The Sizes of a mirror should be that, that they provided completely its practical and decorative appointment, i.e. That it was possible to see in it reflexion at least the top part of the case, and it is even better - in all growth. The width of a mirror can be insignificant - 50-60 the Sizes on height see depend on desirable size of reflexion of a figure:

    • reflexion of a head and the top part of a breast - 40;
    • to a waist - 70;
    • to hips - 120;
    • in all growth - 140 see

    Pendant lockers and regiments about a mirror can be the diversified design.

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