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With what to begin?

  • So, you have bought garden stock (to begin with), have armed with the directory of the gardener-fan and have taken a way of the owner and the owner of a garden site.

    Here there is before you an immemorial question of the trailblazer "О=ю to do? From what эрёр=і?"

    What spadework needs to be spent first of all on the site? It is possible to carry site clearing to number of the main things, korchevku, a lay-out, ploughing (perekopku) the earths, a prelanding marking. It is desirable to make also the soil analysis - in agrochemical laboratories of the regional and regional centres. It will allow to choose reasonable "=ръ=шъѕ" fertilizers, and also limings in case of need to reduce acidity.

    If near to a site the oak, a maple, an ash-tree, an acacia, a linden, a wild wood apple-tree on such site the imparted apple-tree and a pear, plum, a cherry, berry plants will well fructify grow.

    On the contrary, the sedge, horsetails and other marsh grasses specify that the soil sour and requires improvement to a garden bookmark (drainage, liming).

    For neutral soils cereal grasses are characteristic. Sites on which ground waters are above two metres from a surface, require drainage. Otherwise already to the fructification beginning root system of trees, having got to water, starts to die off and the tree perishes (the top) dries. For check of level of ground waters it is enough to dig a hole or to glance in the nearest well. To lower this level it is possible by means of the elementary drainage ditch.

    It is possible to go on other way - to plant trees on hillocks and shaft. This way widely and with success is applied by gardeners of northern areas with the rehumidified earths.

    In the south and in areas with a continental climate for a garden it is better to select a site with a slope direction on the north, the northwest. Here trees do not suffer from solar burns, the moisture in soil is better remains, kidneys later are dismissed, flowering suffers from spring frosts less and is better the crop remains.

    In areas where it is a little sunny days and heat, it is necessary to give preference to slopes of southern and southwest directions.

    On abrupt slopes it is recommended to arrange terraces and to process soil across a slope to prevent soil washout (as it to make we will tell further).

    It is necessary to mean that gardens on slopes grow is better and fructify. This results from the fact that on slopes are not late, and move to lowlands of weight of cold air which pernicious an effect has on gardens, especially in flowering.

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