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While there is no furnace or plates

  • In building and the equipment of a garden site when the furnace or a plate is not established yet, it is possible to use temporarily a fire for cooking.

    Having chosen a place for a fire, it is necessary to clear the earth of turf accurately. When need for a fire disappears, turf pieces should be laid on a former place.

    The big fire is inconvenient For cooking. Are most expedient "°рыр°шъ" and "ъюыюфхч". If it is necessary, on a fire suspend two, three kettles.

    At small quantity of fuel it is possible to combine "ърьшэ" from stones or crude logs, it is better with a reflector.

    For zharenja meat drive in into the earth three crude kola in diameter 5 They see have not time to burn down even filled up by coals.

    For warming the so-called taiga fire is rational: on a thick log put 3 - more thin 4 and shift them in process of combustion.

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