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it is short about garden furniture

  • The First requirement to garden furniture - convenience, simplicity and durability. It is necessary to consider that with veneered surfaces it is necessary to paint wooden products with waterproof paints as in the open air they quickly become unfit for use. It is necessary to paint metal furniture in white, cream or, on the contrary, in bright colours - yellow, red, dark blue.

    The wattled furniture well serves In country place. And a true ornament of country dwelling and a garden site are any furniture products from bars, a round timber, boards in a combination with a canvas, foam rubber, metal tubes and other materials possessing raised stability to an atmospheric precipitation.

    Recently the industry lets out special furniture for garden sites. The plastic furniture uses special demand.

    Certainly, pride of each owner of a garden site is the furniture let most simplified, but made by own strength. It is not necessary to paint it, as the natural invoice of wood is beautiful and original. After polishing its wooden surface impregnate with hot drying oil, then cover with a colourless varnish.

    We Result the description of the elementary, and, perhaps, the most necessary country furniture.

    the Table for a garden. to Make a table not too difficultly. Thin boards are necessary for its manufacturing - tes - or boards from under boxes and nails.

    First of all, it is necessary to cut a board of the necessary length for a cover and ostrogat them. That the cover has turned out equal, boards should be stacked nearby, to have year layers every which way.

    Having prepared boards, two make shponki from two bruskov in the thickness and in the width 4X4 or 5X5 the Length shponok see should equal to width of a cover. Then boards put on shponki closely one to another and beat. Nails drive in flush so that their hats entered not less than on 1 mm into a thickness of boards. It is necessary that a cover it was possible from a face sheet zastrogat - to make more equal, without being afraid to spoil nails an edge sherhebelja or a plane.

    Then start manufacturing of legs. The most simple - legs-kozelki. Them do of the same boards, as a cover. That the table was steady, the step of legs should equal to width of a cover. First of all, two legs-krestoviny produce, forcing down them in the middle. At first to legs two short prolegs, and then two long which length should be equal to distance between shponkami if legs beat on an inside shponok beat.

    When legs-kozelki are made, on them put a cover. Each leg beat to shponkam two-three nails.

    The Table can be made and with direct legs. In this case to a cover two beat not, but four shponki. Have them so that they have formed a groove into which the ends of legs could enter densely. SHponki in this case do higher and wide, that is from boards in width 8 - 10 see To shponkam beat boards, cut off their end faces and zastrugivajut.

    Legs make, as is shown in drawing. Force down their nails and do by the width equal to width of a cover. Then legs insert the ends into grooves between shponkami, fasten nails and beat to them long prolegs.

    the Folding-chair. Folding-chairs are convenient for a seat, easy in a resock, are simple in manufacturing. They happen to soft sitting made of cloth or with rigid wooden. To do folding-chairs it is possible from any breeds of a tree, However the preference is given to firm breeds: to a birch, a beech, a maple, an oak, an ash-tree. Wood should be, of course, dry.

    The Chair with soft sitting is shown in drawing. It consists of two kozelkov-frameworks one of which should enter into another. The sizes kozelkov, both on height, and on width happen different.

    First of all plane rejki for legs, prolegs and tsarg. For legs and prolegs do in the width 50 and thickness 10 - 15 mm. For tsarg a thickness reek 20-30 and width of 50 mm. On one end of legs do thorns, on other hollow nests for a proleg insert. In the middle of legs drill apertures. In tsargah hollow nests for an insert in them of thorns of legs. Collect all details on glue, receiving thereby two frameworks. Before collect a framework of the smaller sizes, then on it a framework bolshego the size. The stuck together frameworks smooth out, smaller insert in big, into apertures insert bolts and fix their nuts. If there are no bolts, into apertures insert metal shtyr. Apertures in frameworks should be drilled precisely on diameter of bolts or the probe.

    On tsargi the collected frameworks fill a dense material. Nails drive in from the bottom party tsargi so that they left the ends upwards.

    the Box for a dog. For a dog containing on a garden site, is better to make in a dry place an open-air cage (2X3). In an open-air cage the box in which during cold time put hay, shavings or any laying is put.

    The box Area should be not less than 1 m 2 . It is better to make its folding, with acting in film odnoskatnoj a roof, on four low legs.

    The Box to make not difficultly. It from usual boards or gorbylej becomes, it is better stroganyh. The box from stroganyh boards is easier for keeping clean, it is easier to make in it disinfection.

    Here the box with a flat roof on which the dog can lie is shown. Before a box arrange a flooring. A floor it is necessary to do the wooden. It gigienichnee, than earthen.

    The Box with odnoskatnoj a roof consists of a forward wall with the cut manhole which should be executed especially carefully, a back wall and a roof. The sizes of a roof should be made on 200 - 300 mm more than small house walls, both on width, and on length.

    The Box with dvuskatnoj a roof produce in such sequence. Two forward walls at first do: one deaf person, another with a manhole, then is done by two lateral walls. The boards prepared for walls, stack on laths and connect nails.

    About a box put a small wooden board on which the dog could lie. It relieves it of pollution.

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