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Vegetable greens in the winter

  • It is possible to grow up vitamin greens from onions-repki, beets and parsley in the Winter. Are for this purpose necessary: wooden boxes in the size 50X40 sm and height 10 - 12 sm, a landing material and good soil.

    At onions-repki cultivation on greens put onions-vyborok in diameter 3 - 5 the Best grades - mnogozachatkovye - Rostov, Pogarsky, Spassky see. Before landing onions presoak on 10 - 12 hours per warm water (30 - 35°) also cut off the top part bulbs (neck) to "яыхёшъют" Landing by bridge way (almost closely to each other). From above onions slightly press a plate and fall asleep the damp earth. On one box land 2,5 - 3 kg of a landing material.

    After landing the first 8 - 10 days boxes can stand in a dark or dark premise. The best temperature of air 16 - 18°. As soon as the onions will start to sprout, boxes transfer on window sills or to other light place and maintain temperature 20 - 22°. As required onions water. Cleaning start at height of a feather 25 - 30 the Average crop of green onions from one box 4,5 - 5 kg see.

    For vygonki a beetroot soup select root crops in weight 50 - 60 g and land in the bridge way (as it is possible is more close to each other). On one box it is required 4 - 5 kg of a beet. That top kidneys did not rot, heads of the planted root crops the earth do not fall asleep. Through 8 - 10 days boxes transfer from a dark premise to a light place. 1 - 2 times a week cautiously water. At cultivation it is desirable to maintain temperature 18 - 20°. Through 30 - 35 days clean a beetroot soup. The sheet gain to root crop weight reaches 15%.

    Parsley Greens grow up in a light premise. For landing take root crops in weight 25 - 50 the Best grade for vygonki - root sugar. Land parsley in the watered grooves with distances: between numbers 5 - 6 sm and between root crops 1 - 2 see Heads of parsley the earth do not fall asleep. In a box land nearby 2 kgkorneplodov. Water cautiously between numbers, trying not to presoak heads. The best temperature 18-20°. Parsley leaves for a winter cut off two times, and after the third cultivation of greens it clean together with a root crop.

    The Crop (root crops and leaves) in comparison with weight of a landing material is more on 10%, and the main thing - the freshest, vitamin-rich greens of parsley.

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