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apartment Gardening (a part 2)

  • , For example, tradeskantsiju or tsebrinu, it is possible to put Hanging down plants above a secretary, a bookcase or other furniture even in the event that it is and not at a window. Pots with plants can be established and on the special pendant whatnot which is easy for making most. For this purpose it is necessary to cut from plywood in the thickness of 5 sm round (or other form) shelves in diameter 22 - 25 sm and to connect their three cords, to paint an enamel paint in the necessary colour. The whatnot on cords is suspended sideways by windows or in its aperture.

    For indoor plants and furniture subjects it is possible to make also an easy through rack of wooden or metal racks with shelves. Such rack it is good to separate a part of a room at a window where the rest corner, from other room is located. Racks should be small diameter (2,5 sm), and shelves can be made of boards or a joiner's board and to cover with a transparent varnish. Racks from thin metal tubes establish in raspor to a ceiling.

    Small family of cactuses in small pots is better to place on a window sill on special small narrow small benches of different height or on a short flight of stairs-whatnot. Such podtsvetochniki it is easy to make, having used for manufacturing of shelves plywood, plastic, glass, metal prutki. If for plants there is no place on a window sill or you do not wish to put them here not to cover a daylight and freely to open windows, it is possible to make the same small benches, but bolshego the size and height, and to establish them on a floor at a window or in other empty seat. Are very beautiful also graceful metal podtsvetochniki, standing on the floor, as well as the wall holders made of metal.

    In shops there is a wide choice of ceramic wall vases and such which are suspended by means of a cord to an arm or the thin rod strengthened on a slope of a window or a window frame.

    Pots for indoor plants usually have not so beautiful appearance. Therefore them often put in kashpo - special decorative glazurovannye the pots having the various sizes, the form and colour. Are available also very beautiful under the form and the invoice kashpo, made of a natural porous stone of serovato-white and yellow-white colour. They possess the big porosity, therefore they can be used not only as kashpo, but also instead of usual potter's flowerpots.

    To Grow up indoor plants it is possible in pots not only with the earth, but also with water. Such way is good that excludes necessity to care of the earth and polive plants. There is enough only once in two weeks to add a nutritious solution, - and plants will well develop, blossom.

    The Excessive quantity of the big plants in rooms complicates the air circulation, flying substances allocated with them and a moisture have not time to dissipate, and it can cause a sleeplessness, a headache. That is why gardening of apartments should be made cautiously. The main thing, do not block up a room with the big plants, do not concentrate ten small pots with colours on window sills.

    To Get indoor plants is better in the spring when they will easily acclimatise in room conditions. Even more expediently to deduce plants cherenkovaniem, seeds and other ways then they from first days will adapt to a premise.

    For landing it is possible to use the pots which were in the use. Preliminary they are necessary for washing up carefully hot water or to take in boiled water, to destroy a mould. New pots should be put on half an hour in water. For the colours, were in the use, it is necessary to wash out wooden boxes before new landing shchelokom.

    As a drainage it is enough to put In small pots on a bottom (over its aperture) the crock or a flat stone the convex party up, in big put a layer of gravel or river sand on a crock, and already then fill the earth.

    If the taken roots shank, sprouts lands or crops of seeds it is necessary to fill a pot with the earth to edges are made. At landing of larger plants the earth should be filled it is cone-shaped, in regular intervals having distributed roots and only after that to fill a pot up to the top. The Earth should be a little condensed, especially on pot edge. Having finished landing, the plant needs to be watered plentifully and before full rooting to place in slightly shaded place.

    The Earth should be nutritious water providing access and air. For the majority of plants the friable earth is necessary. It is on sale in flower economy and nurseries. In such earth at timely and skilful top dressing indoor plants develop well.

    Some plants require the earth made of various grades. The most widespread mix - 50% of cespitose, 40% of pounded charcoal (for protection of the earth from a souring).

    Reproduction of colours and plants in room conditions is better it is possible in the spring by cherenkovanija or bush divisions. CHerenkovanie it is made so: (a part of a stalk in length 3 - 8 sm with two-three eyes) cut off quite ripened shank obliquely a knife and land in the earth on depth 2 see For the fastest development of its shank it is useful to cover with a glass or a glass jar. If shanks it is a lot of and they one height, it is necessary to cover them with glass of the corresponding size.

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