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apartment Gardening (a part 3)

  • Many plants, for example aspidistru, asparagus, a primrose, it is possible to make multiple copies also bush division. In the spring or after flowering the plant needs to be taken out carefully from a pot, cautiously to divide an earthen clod with roots into some parts, to plant them in pots and to water.

    Reproduction of plants is carried out also by seeds. Perfect large seeds should be put for days in warm water and after that to sow in clay flat dishes or boxes with the earth. When shoots will become stronger, they need to be replaced in pots where they will grow in the further. Small seeds sow in flat dishes, slightly covering with the earth. Shoots cautiously transplant, and then put in pots.

    For more intensive growth of a plant replace in the fresh or updated earth. Young plants need to be replaced annually in April and May, large, at correct top dressing, time in two-three years. Change happens is necessary, when the earthen clod is strongly bound by the roots which are forming - so-called "тющыюъ"; if it is required to increase ware; or from excessive watering the earth sours; when the expanded roots support a water waste aperture of a pot; or the plant starts to begin to rot, decay.

    At change a pot with a plant overturn upside down, passing stalks between fingers. The new pot should be such size that the old easily entered into it. A plant replace usually with a former clod of the earth, in case of need half update. Then a pot fill up the fresh earth so that the root neck was up to standard of pot edges.

    Change of the large plants which are in tubs, more difficult. It should be made together. At vykolachivanii from a tub one holds a plant, another removes a tub. After that the first, holding a plant as it is possible more exactly (on a vertical) and watching, that the trunk has got to the centre of a new tub (bolshego the size), places it there. The second covers the replaced plant with earth.

    It is good to water flowers rain, prudovoj or river water and if such water is not present, water which has staid in a room not less than 12 hours in the Summer. The water temperature should be not below air temperature indoors where there is a plant. Different plants demand the mode poliva. The easy, friable earth requires more frequent watering, than heavy. During growth (April - September) it is necessary to water the majority of indoor plants daily, in the winter - is much more rare. At this time year surplus of a moisture is more harmful than dryness. To water a plant it is necessary so that water filtered through all clod of the earth, and its rest poured out in a plate under a pot. To water better from a small watering can.

    Spraying of branches and leaves of plants is recommended during hot time, but to do it it is necessary not on the sun. Spraying also after change and cherenkovanija is useful. Leaves of gentle plants are recommended to be sprayed, dense (palm trees, rubber plants, etc.) it is necessary to wash monthly from both parties warm water. If leaves are polluted, they can be washed out a solution of green soap (5 g on water litre), tobacco infusion, piretruma. In some hours after that the plant should be washed out pure water.

    Sometimes owners of apartment for some time leave, and flowers within several weeks to water there is nobody. That plants were not lost, it is possible to make the following. On a stool to put a bucket with water, and on a floor round a stool flowers. From water to the earth to stretch to flowerpots thick not too long woollen threads or gauze strips. Water will arrive on them to the earth, and each flower will receive a necessary moisture. Having the limited area of a soil food, indoor plants strongly exhaust the earth. Therefore from time to time top dressing by organic and mineral fertilizers is necessary. The chemical industry lets out ready mixes for fertilizer which can be got in flower shops. On each package there is an exact compounding and a way of application.

    Fertilizers are brought only in well taken roots healthy plants in intensive growth (April - September). From excessive podkormok the plant can sometimes suffer more than from a food lack. Before top dressing and after it the plant should be watered plentifully to prevent burns of roots. Blossoming plants should give mineral fertilizer during growth and when buds start to appear.

    Illnesses of plants quite often occur because of inept watering or too big pot as the earth in it spoils faster, and it causes rotting of roots. The ill plant needs to be taken out from a pot, to remove from roots the old earth, and, having cut off all sick particles a sharp knife, to strew cut places a coal powder. After that it replace in considerably smaller pot with the easy earth containing more of sand. With gentle leaves after change it is necessary to water plants at once, sprysnuv and green runaways; with fat leaves it is not necessary to water plants within several days.

    The Big harm bring to plants a red spider, tripe, a plant louse.

    The Red spider (kleshchik) - very small insect, badly distinguishable with the naked eye. In the spring and in the autumn a spider of red colour, in the summer - chartreuse. Breeds very quickly. Nests on both parties of leaves, it is more from below, covering their easy pautinkoj. Struggle measures: spraying by cold water with an anabazin-sulphate or nicotine-sulphate solution (2 and soaps (5) on water litre. Spraying tiofisom very well helps.

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