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apartment Gardening (a part 4)

  • The Plant louse settles down on leaves, colours, stalks and even roots of plants. Covered with a plant louse, leaves badly develop, lose normal colour, are wrinkled and perish. Struggle measures: opylivanie geksahloranom. The mix from warm soap water with addition of broth of makhorka is applied also.

    Earthworms are often got in pots and tubs with plants. To get rid of them, a pot with a plant put in deeper ware (a bucket, a basin, gang), filled water in temperature to 50°. The warmed water will force worms to rise on an earth surface where they can be caught.

    Flowers. We have told about indoor plants which decorate our dwelling all year. However and the cut off natural flowers are not less fine and poetical ornament of an interior, though, only during the certain periods of year. It is possible to put them in different places - on journal and toilet little tables, on a sideboard of silt to a case, at a window or stellazhnoj to a shelf.

    How and in what it is better to put flowers? First of all it is not necessary to take a great interest in the big bouquets from garden flowers. On equal terms with gladioluses, roses, asters apartment can decorate and modest field camomiles, cornflowers, water-lilies and many other things.

    Our industry lets out the diversified under the form and the sizes vessels for colours - vases, jugs, the bowls made of crystal, white and colour glass, porcelain, ceramics. Vases of the simple and laconic form from the light glass, accepting colouring of flower stalks standing in them, vases from other materials of the soft and white tones, revealing and underlining gentle beauty of colours, ceramic dark or light are very beautiful. What is better to choose from them?

    The Form and the size of a vase should correspond to the size of colours. In a high and harmonous vase is better to put one, two, sometimes three flowers on high stalks. It will underline beauty of colours and a vase. If you wish to put a bouquet of a lilac, a bird cherry, it is necessary to use larger and wide vase, a jug or a pot. Small flowers on short small stalks is better look in low flat vases. That flowers kept in the necessary position is better, in a vase sometimes fill a layer of sand or establish a special ceramic or metal grid. There are also vases in which top part small apertures for stalks are made. In such vases small flowers - camomiles, cornflowers, carnations, lilies of the valley very beautifully look. Flowers in a dish from heavy glass are very effective. It is good to put a small bouquet or a separate flower in a beautiful glass or a narrow glass.

    The Bouquet will be beautiful and harmonious if to make it of colours of one kind, for example, from white chrysanthemums. The bouquet made of colours, having soft gentle shades of one tone or several similar tones, for example, from asters with different shades of yellow and orange colours will be not less beautiful. It is possible to collect very colourful bouquet from contrast colours on colouring.

    In the Winter or in the autumn instead of fresh colours it is possible to put in a vase a pine branch, or zontikovidnoe an inflorescence dudnika, or the bared branch with an interesting interlacing of stalks with lumps. Beautifully, two or three stalks of a cane in a high jug or branches with yellow-red leaves of a maple will look.

    Cut flowers should to be able be kept. At the inept reference with them the bouquet will soon wither. There is a number corrected, observing which, it is possible to keep within several days cut flowers the fresh.

    To Cut off flowers it is necessary early in the morning, soon after sunrise when in plants especially it is a lot of a moisture. The great value has degree of development of a flower during the moment when it cut off. For different grades this degree is various:

    • roses are better for cutting off in well developed, but yet not quite revealed buds;
    • a carnation - in the semidismissed buds;
    • lilies - in a stage of the painted buds;
    • gladioluses - when will be dismissed one-two bottom flower;
    • poppies - with the burst buds;
    • the sweet pea - when will be dismissed the first flower;
    • dahlias, asters, gillyflowers, nails - when the most part of petals will be dismissed.

    Flowers cut off not scissors, and a sharp knife obliquely and immediately immerse the cut off stalks in water. Chrysanthemums and asters are better for breaking, instead of to cut off. The ends of branches at water change should be cleared of breaking up particles a rigid brush. Before lowering stalks in water, it is necessary to cut them with a sharp knife, and branches of a lilac, a jasmin, chrysanthemums to split from below in several places and into crevices to insert slices of matches that their edges did not converge, is will strengthen vsasyvanie a moisture.

    Before to place flowers in a vase, all leaves from the bottom part of stalks which will be under water, it is necessary to remove. Lilac stalks before putting in water, it is good to dip into boiled water, and then at once to put in a vase with room water. On roses as soon as them have brought in a room, it is necessary to clear that part of a stalk which will be under water of thorns, obliquely to cut off a stalk in water and to split it. For night of a rose it is necessary to take out from water, it is good to wash out the ends of stalks, densely to turn in the wet newspaper and to put in a cool place or together with a paper in a basin or in a bath with water.

    Cut flowers cannot be placed in very cold water. However and in hot water to put them does not follow. Water should be a room temperature.

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