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apartment Gardening (a part 5)

  • Flowers at which lacteal juice, it is necessary to put immediately after cutting in warm water that juice has not thickened and has not stopped water inflow in a stalk. It is necessary to do the same and at water change.

    Many cut flowers remain is better and longer if in water to put a slice of charcoal or to fill a coal powder; it is useful to add a few sal ammoniac or a table salt teaspoon on water litre.

    Some flowers remain in podsaharennoj to water is better. For example, for a rose it is good to take 7 - 10% th solution of sugar, and for a carnation - 15% th. In water for a dahlia, chrysanthemums, carnations it is useful to dissolve aspirin - half-tablets (0,5) in 3 l of water. Branches of bushes long remain fresh in weak (slightly violet) a solution margantsevokislogo kalija; buds are fast dismissed if to throw in water a small slice not slaked to exhaust or add on a teaspoon nashatyrnogo or camphor spirit on water litre.

    It is good to cut daily also the ends of stalks, whenever possible without taking out them from water, to change water more often (in a heat two-three times a day), washing out thus those parts of stalks which are under water. The bouquet whenever possible should be put in the cool place which has been not shined with the sun. If flowers wither, it is useful to add some drops of liquid ammonia in water. Slightly faded bouquet can be corrected sometimes, having covered with its paper cap wetted by water.

    Petals of completely dismissed rose at the basis consistently pierce very thin (one hair taken from an electrocord) by a delay which ends braid. It can keep a kind of the dismissed rose for two-three days.

    Flowers and greens on a balcony. If in your apartment there is a balcony, it is necessary to take care of that it had an attractive appearance both from outside streets, and from outside rooms. Walls of a balcony or a lattice paint with an oil paint. Depending on balcony size in a warm season on it, place this or that furniture it is possible to put a small little table, chairs or wicker chairs.

    At desire the balcony can be transformed into a blossoming garden. For cultivation of colours on a balcony it is necessary to establish wooden boxes in height to 30 sm and in the width to 30 - 35 Corners of boxes for durability see it is possible to fasten iron. In a bottom of boxes it is necessary to drill apertures, on them to put crocks or gravel to create a good drainage, and from above to fill the peat earth (5 sm), then such garden earth of what is demanded by those or other plants. It is possible to put both sprouts, and adult plants. Watering - usual, garden. At a choice of plants it is necessary to consider, on what party the balcony - solar or shadow is turned.

    For balconies are suitable twisted and ampelnye the plants, one- and long-term. At their choice it is necessary to be guided by flowering terms so that they blossomed since early spring till late autumn.

    Pansies, daisies, soil primroses, forget-me-nots in the Early spring land. After they ottsvetut, on the same places put for a summer season a lion's pharynx, barhattsy, nails, gillyflowers, a nasturtium, petunju; for autumn flowering - asters, gladioluses. Flowers in a box it is necessary to have so that on its edge grew low, and in the middle - higher.

    The Same flowers, as on balconies, it is possible to plant on external window sills. For maintenance of runaways of creeping and twisted plants pull cords, a wire or a twine, establish lattices from wooden laths,

    Gardening of terraces is made the same as also balconies. From twisted plants it is possible to recommend grapes wild and hop.

    Grapes wild have a strong stalk, beautiful leaves, green in the summer and yellow-red by the autumn. Thanks to the developed suckers it "тчсшЁрх=ё " very highly. The plant this cold-resistant, breeds in April shanks and otvodkami. The Earth for it is necessary garden, watering plentiful. To heavy soils it is necessary to add the sheet earth.

    Hop ordinary or white-motley rises on height 5 - 6 m. the Plant are hardy and can grow and in northern areas of the country. Breeds young runaways or division of bushes. It it is possible to sit down in deep small boxes which put on a balcony floor. The Earth is necessary dunged, friable.

    It is necessary to make having watered in the morning in the Winter and it is moderate, and in the summer - in the evening and it is plentiful.

    The Requirement of a plant in polive is most easier defined poshchelkivaniem about pot edge: the dry pot publishes a loud sound, damp - the deaf person.

    If the balcony leaves on a sunny side, it should be protected from excessive insoljatsii. The protection can be top, lateral, on the one hand and on front.

    The Lateral protection from a straw mat well protects a balcony from the sun and a wind. Conveniently it and consequently that freely passes air. Is better to protect a balcony a lattice with twisted plants.

    On a balcony it is possible to put the whatnot with window plants, on the hooks hammered into a wall, to suspend twisted plants. At a building wall in boxes from porous concrete it is good to plant twisted plants.

    The collapsible or turned off awning is very convenient For protection against a wind and rains.

    Do not hang up on a balcony linen so that it was visible from street. It can be hung up at level of a protection of a balcony.

    Do not paint in bright colour a protection of your balcony. It creates unpleasant diversity of an outer side of the house, will spoil its facade. Painting a balcony, co-ordinate colour with the neighbours.

    The Balcony furniture (if there is for it a place) should be easy, simple on a design, whenever possible collapsible, moisture resistant (as should be on a balcony in a warm season constantly).

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