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site Gardening - responsible work (a part 2)

  • Many plants have exclusively beautiful fruits. Among them especially differ: a velvet Amur (black, as if the polished fruits), a barberry (red), an elder and a mountain ash (bright red clusters), deren white (milky-white), a honeysuckle edible (dark-blue large berries), limonnik (dark red), sea-buckthorn berries (golden), a bird cherry virginskaja (purple clusters).

    If to speak about smells first of all it is necessary to name a white acacia, katalpu, a bird cherry, a jasmin, a lilac, loh, a poplar fragrant.

    In what of advantage of vertical gardening? vertical decorative gardening of walls, terraces, arbours, arches, masking of outdoor constructions concerns the major elements of an accomplishment of a garden site also. Certainly, at selection of plants it is necessary to prefer, first of all, to fruit crops which, possessing necessary decorative qualities, bring also material advantage.

    Being content for the full development only with a strip of the earth in width in 30 - 50 sm, these plants the wall, an arbour or a terrace are capable to twine greens, colours and fruits any surface, whether it be. If you wish to give them any interesting form or contours, make for twisted plants special basic grids and lattices.

    From twisted plants between shtambami trees the decorative garlands directed on a cord or a wire, and also green pyramids are created. In the circle or square centre it is put kol, to its top there are cords from the pegs hammered but circles or on the parties and square corners.

    Helping young sejantsam to be twisted round a support, it is necessary to remember that twisted plants, except for hop, twist support clockwise.

    From the annual apply to these purposes beans Turkish red, peas fragrant, hop Japanese, a pumpkin figured. In a number of directories it is recommended to use for gardening of fences, walls, garden arbours tall, lianovidnye tomatoes of a grade of De-Ba-rao. They give very beautiful, tasty and curative fruits, on many qualities surpassing some grades of tomatoes. Under our conditions this culture perfectly grows and fructifies. Care of these giants same, as well as behind ordinary tomatoes.

    From perennial plants in the conditions of average and southern strips of our country cultivate grapes Amur (grapes pjatilistnyj grow to 5 m of height), or wild (gives lashes to 8, grapes Michurinsk bujtur (to 15).

    About advantage limonnika and there is nothing to speak. Its twisted 5 - 6-metre stalks give not only beauty, but also a medicine. Hop and different grades of pepper also are necessary in an economy. However to occupy with them the earth on a kitchen garden there is no sense. They perfectly grow, twisting fences and walls.

    In the conditions of an average and southern strip of our country has perfectly proved drevogubets. This plant brings pleasure the surprising beauty. Imagine to itself the five-metre twisted branches covered with pink garlands. These plants have special originality in the winter. Its red and orange fruits are not afraid of frosts and against white snow create a fine show.

    For creation of arches and pyramids are most suitable plentifully blossoming pletistye roses, hardy in the conditions of a midland. We name some: Dorotti Perklis (to 2,5, flowers vishnevo-pink, blossoms in June; Krimson Kambler (3 - 3,5), flowers rozovo-crimson with a fiery shade. Has well got accustomed in our gardens "-і¦--рѕэ" (to 3,5), flowers large, terry, light pink with a silvery shade, with very pleasant smell. Blossoms in July - August. The arbour or an arch twined such roses, turns to any marvellous, magic creation.

    About lawns. We already spoke about the economical relation to each plot of land on a garden site, about its rational use. However it is difficult to be kept from temptation to have in a garden at least a tiny natural lawn - a lawn - with a fresh grass. The elementary and beautiful covering of a surface of a terrace is well well-groomed strizhennyj a lawn. It is useful to play this natural soft carpet breathing by oxygen to children.

    How to make a lawn? It create on well processed and fertilised soil crops gazonnyh cereal and bean grasses: mjatlika ovsjanitsy, viki, a wheat grass, a clover, etc. On sale there are ready mixes gazonnyh grasses. The universal lawn is created by crops of equal parts timofeevki and mjatlika the meadow.

    To Sow better in the early spring on depth 2 - 3 sm from calculation 5 gsmesi seeds on 1 m 2 , with zadelkoj a rake.

    The Lawn demands regular skashivanija (with removal of an oblique grass), good poliva, cleanliness from weeds, fertilizers (10 gselitry on 2 lvody for 1 m 2 ) or superficial entering of fat compost into the beginning of winter by a layer 2 - 3 sm with an impurity of wood pitch that promotes destruction zamshelosti a lawn is spent.

    Unless there is a carpet which can be compared on beauty to a so-called Mauritian lawn. It is created by crops of seeds gazonnyh grasses in a mix with seeds of beautifully blossoming plants (an iris, hand bells, a poppy, a camomile, a forget-me-not, mattiola, tobacco, a mignonette, nails, etc.).

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