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  • Whether Pertinently in relation to a garden site to use a word gardening. After all orchard breakdown is and there is a gardening. Not only it is pertinent, but also it is necessary. There is a category of owners of garden sites which in full or in part refuse landing of a kitchen garden, fruit trees, jagodnika. They give to a site a kind of small park with emerald lawns, decorative pleskatelnymi pools, arbours, etc.

    Such use of a site not absolutely rationally from the point of view of material return (means crops of vegetables and fruit). However it is supposed in variety of cases causing a state of health, predilection for decorative gardening, etc.

    Besides, gardening gives to a site an attractive kind and decorates architecture of a garden small house. The front garden and live green fences on external borders of a site protect the house from a blaze of the sun, winds, street noise, a dust, etc., improve sanitary-and-hygienic conditions. Landing of dense bushes and high blossoming plants masks a shed a summer kitchen, kompostnuju I booze, etc.

    It is recommended to do the Front garden closed (barrier) if the facade is turned on the south or the West, and opened (siluetnyj) at a facade turned on the north or the east.

    Barrier registration consists in continuous landing of ornamental shrubs with group or single placing of trees. Siluetnoe registration is a faltering gardening with separate placing of trees, various on height and the crone form, along street border of a front garden, on site corners, at an input and entrance on a site.

    Plants select for such indicators: insistence to soil conditions, height, the crone form, time, beauty of flowering, decorative effect of leaves in the spring, in the summer and in the autumn.

    Here some the main recommendations of experts about gardening.

    Malotrebovatelnye to fertility of soil of a plant: a maple jasenelistnyj, grapes wild, an acacia: a yellow cherry Japanese, a hawthorn, a poplar black, an oak fluffy, dogroses, beresklet.

    More exacting to soil conditions: a fir, a hornbeam, leshchina, an ash-tree, an oak summer, a lilac, an elder, a thuja western, a linden.

    On sandy soils well grow: maples, a birch, a broom, sea-buckthorn berries, a honeysuckle, an aspen, a poplar, an oak red, a currant golden, an acacia white, a willow.

    The Fir, a maple, a birch, a juniper, a larch, a mountain ash, a linden have at mature age of a crone with pyramidal, kolonno - and konusovidnoj forms.

    The Spherical crone have: maples field, ostrolistnyj and red, a chestnut horse, apple-trees Siberian and wood, an acacia white, berest.

    There is still so-called plakuchaja a crone. This silhouette favourite in the people has a maple silvery, a birch, a bird cherry, a willow white, a linden silvery, a juniper Cossack.

    Colouring of leaves in the spring, in the summer and plays not last role in decorative gardening in the autumn:

    • light green - a maple jasenelistnyj, a birch, limonnik, an acacia yellow, an ash-tree green, a honeysuckle, a rose brown, a mountain ash;

    • dark green - a fir, a chestnut horse, a hornbeam, a dogrose;

    • silver-white - a fir European, a maple silvery, sea-buckthorn berries, a poplar white and Turkestani, a willow white, a linden silvery;

    • reddish - a barberry, leshchina, beresklet, a rose krasnolistnaja;

    • zolotisto-yellowish - a fir Caucasian, a maple field, a broom "чюыю=ющ фюцфі" a poplar Canadian;

    • pestrolistnaja - a maple, a barberry, deren white, an ash-tree, a bird cherry, an elder, beresklet.

    In the Autumn leaves of an apricot, a maple ostrolistnogo, grapes wild, a barberry of Tunberga, a hawthorn, bereskleta, an oak red, mountain ashes, guelder-roses are painted in red, orange and violet tone.

    Fans of gardening try to select kinds of plants so that to provide on a site their continuous flowering from April till August.

    In April the cherry felt, in May - a hawthorn, a cherry pensilvanskaja, a pear wood, a chestnut horse, a mountain ash, a bird cherry, an apple-tree, a quince Japanese, a broom, a lilac of early grades, an elder, loh, a honeysuckle, in June - an acacia white and yellow, a cherry steppe, jasmins, dogroses "ъЁрёртшчр ёхтхЁр" blossoms; krasnolistnyj, French, various grades of an ordinary lilac and a lilac Hungarian, in July - gordovina, a hydrangea, an acacia yellow, the linden, proceeds dogrose flowering "ъЁрёртшчр ёхтхЁр" in August - a hydrangea and some other rare plants.

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