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Gathering of mushrooms (a part 3)

  • Svinushki grow families in birch woods. A hat at them wide, bent in the centre, with strongly deflexed shaggy edges, colouring yellow-brownish. A leg thick, short. The pulp at a break darkens. Svinushki usually fry or salt.

    Milk mushrooms grow families in pine and deciduous woods. A hat at a milk mushroom dense, fleshy, in the centre the bent. Colouring white, later the yellowish. A leg short. The bottom party of a hat white, Pulp white, with white lacteal juice. Milk mushrooms are very good for salting.

    Beljanki grow in the coniferous and mixed woods. Hats at them funneled, from above white, sometimes with concentric circles, from below yellowish, pinkish or white. Use them for salting.

    Poisonous mushrooms. the Fly agaric red - very poisonous mushroom. It is easy for distinguishing from other mushrooms on a characteristic bright red hat with white warts. A leg the high white.

    The Fly agaric grey meets in all woods. At it flat, brown or grey-brown (from below white) a hat on a thin leg with a ring in the form of a white fragmentary film.

    One more more rare version of fly agarics is the mushroom with a greenish hat, from below white. At it a long leg with a ring above from a fragmentary film. A leg bottom nadutyj with the rests of a cover round young bodies sporonoshenik.

    The Russula bitter grows in crude places, in deciduous and coniferous woods.

    At a bitter russula the rough bent bright red hat on a low white leg (it is frequent with white strips). Taste at it sharp and caustic.

    The Russula fetid grows groups in the mixed and deciduous woods. It is the big mushroom, diameter of its hat equals approximately 10 the Hat of brown or brown colour shining, smooth from below yellow, a leg high and thick see. Mushroom pulp fragile, fragile; it is often corroded by insects. The mushroom allocates the unpleasant smell reminding decaying vegetables. Though it also is not poisonous, but it is considered inedible.

    Mushrooms long since are considered as a delicacy of a Russian cuisine which always was famous for salty saffron milk caps, pies with milk mushrooms, soups from white dry mushrooms.

    With mushrooms the person receives enough of substances necessary for an organism, without burdening itself a food abundance.

    That mushrooms were digested is better, they need to be boiled and fried thoroughly well. To cut them follows as it is possible more small, especially legs of mushrooms. Mushrooms use in food in any kind - fresh, salty, dried, marinaded, preserved. They

    There are on preparation of snack, the sauces, the first and second dishes, stuffings for pies.

    The Fresh mushrooms containing about 90% of water, spoil very quickly. Therefore it is desirable to start up them in business this very day when they are collected, or, as a last resort, next day. Mushrooms touch, sort, clean, watch, that to food have not got poisonous or inedible. Small damages by wood rodents, insects, slugs cut out a knife.

    At cleaning from a mushroom delete the earth; needles, leaves, a moss, cut off the bottom part of a leg or all leg. At butter necessarily husk. For this purpose them at first lower on 1 - 2 minutes in boiled water, and then wash out cold water. After cleaning mushrooms once again wash out (if only they are not intended for drying) and shift in resheta that water has flown down. Especially well, - it is desirable with a brush, it is necessary to wash the lamellar mushrooms growing on sandy soils - greenfinches, serushki.

    The Cleared field mushrooms put in the acidified water. Then they do not darken.

    If mushrooms use next day, them store in a cool place (it is possible in a refrigerator), intended for pickling or a pickles - presoak to remove sand.

    Though many mushrooms are suitable for any kind of culinary processing, nevertheless there are the most preferable ways of their preparation.

    Drying. Dried mushrooms (white, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, mossiness mushrooms, masljata, and also morels, honey agarics) keep the nutritious advantages some years. Before drying young, strong not worm-eaten mushrooms carefully clear, strongly polluted wash with cold water. At white backs in full or in part cut off and dry separately, large cut on a part.

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