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Gathering of mushrooms (a part 4)

  • Dry mushrooms in furnaces or in ovens, over a hot plate, it is simple under the sun. For inflow of fresh air the case door should be opened. Optimum temperature 50 - 70°. Better, all to begin drying in rather easy a heat that mushrooms at first provjalilis, and to continue at more heat. Dosushivanie - again in a lung to heat (it is possible over a cooker). It is necessary to consider that morels easily burn slightly. At drying over the sun for protection from a dust and zasizhivanija flies on mushrooms throw a gauze.

    The Dried up mushrooms string on a thread, wrap up a pure gauze and suspend in a dry aired premise. They can be stored also in densely closed ware in a cool place. It is desirable far away from products with a pungent smell.

    Well dried up mushrooms slightly bend, easily break, but do not crumble.

    From dry mushrooms quite often prepare a powder. For this purpose them pound in a mortar and sift through a sieve. A powder use in cookery (for sauces, broths). At processing of such mushrooms delete infected with the larvae, grown mouldy and decayed, dampened immediately dry.

    Pickling. Pickle in two ways.

    The First way. The prepared mushrooms put in a pan, fill in with water (0,5 glasses on 1 kg), vinegar - 0.5 glasses, add salt - 1,5 table spoons. Cook stirring slowly. In the marinade cleared of a scum add a bay leaf, fragrant pepper, cinnamon, a carnation, fennel. When mushrooms are ready (will settle on a bottom), them remove from fire and allow to cool down, then shift in ceramic (glass) ware. From above fill in with vegetable oil (0,5 sm) and close a paper or a cover. Store in a dry cool place.

    The Second way. Mushrooms prepare the same as and at the first way. Fill in with their separately prepared marinade and store at temperature 4 - 6° in a dry place. Thus from time to time check, whether there is no mould or whether marinade has grown turbid. Deteriorated marinade replace svezheprigotovlennym, preliminary having washed out mushrooms. If there was a mould, it is deleted, and edges wipe banks a pure rag. At marinade evaporation add svezheprigotovlennyj (to use water for this purpose it is impossible).

    the Pickles. to Salt mushrooms it is possible in two ways - cold and hot.

    The Cold way. The mushrooms allocating in a fresh kind bitter juice (except saffron milk caps), two - three days otmachivajut in the cold, often replaced added some salt water (coral milky caps and chernushki to 4 - 5 days), then stack numbers in a keg, ceramic or glass jars, pouring each time I will merge. On 1 kg of mushrooms it take 40 - 50 In the filled capacities add a little the cooled boiled water (no more than 1 l on 10 kg). For aroma add a bay leaf, fragrant pepper, a carnation, currant sheet, fennel. After that close a wooden circle with small oppression and put capacity in a cold place. Days through 5 - 6 check, whether the brine suffices. If its quantity has decreased, increase oppression and add mushrooms. For storage use well aired premises with temperature 3 - 6°. Through 1 - 1,5 months mushrooms are ready.

    The Hot way. For brine preparation the necessary quantity of water lead up to boiling, put salt, a bay leaf, cool. Salt, leaving a deposit in ware. Then mushrooms preliminary boiled thoroughly about 20 minutes stack the same as and at a cold way.

    Storage of fresh mushrooms. the First way. Mushrooms fry in oil to full readiness. Then spread in a baked butter in glass jars, close and in such kind store in a dry cool place.

    The Second way. Mushrooms immerse for 10 minutes in the boiling added some salt water, then take out, cool and besides in a baked butter store in a dry cool place.

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