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Gathering of mushrooms

  • Gathering of mushrooms is remarkable gymnastics vivacity for workers of a city and village. Youth and old men, men and women, workers and scientists, collective farmers and actors equally take a great interest in mushroom campaigns. Perhaps, it is the most useful sports of fans of wood poetry. It develops observation, concentration, vigilance, an eye estimation, patience and endurance of the tireless walker. The mushroom picker many kilometres on dewy wood proceeds. Already the sun is high, the cord cuts shoulders, but the the basket is heavier, the it is more than pleasure to the collector.

    Fans of gathering of mushrooms date the holiday for August. It is the most mushroom month. Except spongy mushrooms, in August many fragrant tasty saffron milk caps, milk mushrooms, etc.

    Mushroom pickers have a sign: if wood distances in the morning have grown dim, white steam swaddles tops of birches, means, has come it is time to mushroom. A fog - a sure sign of an abundance of mushrooms.

    In a wood kingdom of mushrooms, the flora develops under the laws. Pervoletnie mushrooms - "ъюыюёютшъш" (coevals of a rye ear), srediletnie - "цэштэшъш" (after colours of a linden and a haymaking on a harvest), and then - "ышё=юярфэшъш" - coevals of nuts and a cowberry. Arise "ышё=юярфэшъш" in half of August and to frosts.

    Gathering of mushrooms is some kind of a science. Not to loaf in vain, not to drag an empty basket, we will result a good advice: when, where and how to search for mushrooms.

    In rainy summer turn far away from trees: all mushrooms run out on open space, grow, as mushroom pickers, "эр ю=ёъюёш§х" speak; on otave a mowing. Under a crone the earth is already colder, it is warmer on a solar clearing...

    The Success of a mushroom campaign, first of all, depends on timely start: better not dospat to rise earlier, to the sun to keep up in a mushroom place.

    Is better to collect mushrooms very early: in dew hats of mushrooms shine, they are more visible, than under the dazzling sun of day. Against the sun gleams in the eyes raznotrave that prevents to make out mushrooms.

    It is important to know and parts of the world. To a tree it is necessary to come by all means from a North side: there there are more than mushrooms.

    Put in a basket mushrooms hats downwards. Strongly polluted cut off mushrooms clear a knife that have not soiled a basket and mushrooms. Absolutely cut off legs of lamellar mushrooms (milk mushrooms, valui, beljanki, openki, mushrooms-umbrellas and others that go on salting). Legs of saffron milk caps, russulas, lisichek, field mushrooms, coral milky caps are left only. Fresh mushrooms is better remain in a basket-pletenke from willow rods. Ideal container of the collector - wattled from a bast pehtar.

    Many mushroom pickers finish the "ёхчюэ" as soon as the foliage from birches will fly. It is an error. In the end of October - November it is possible to find in rerotting, wet foliage a lot of very young borovichkov.

    Definition of quality of mushrooms. Mushrooms can be used in food in a different kind: fried, stewed, dried, marinaded, etc. The mushrooms intended for meal, should be fresh, not worm-eaten, young, dense. Very old mushrooms do not suit in food and it is not necessary to break them. It is necessary to leave them in the earth for sowing dispute. Fibers containing in fresh crude mushrooms quickly decay and get poisoning properties. Therefore mushrooms follows podgotovljat for consumption, marinade or a pickles, and also for drying, while they absolutely fresh.

    Some poisonous mushrooms the appearance not so differ from edible, hence, it is necessary to be very cautious and to collect only such mushrooms which you well know.

    To Distinguish poisonous mushrooms to caustic taste it is not recommended, as it suits only concerning some kinds poganok. Other poisonous mushrooms do not differ at all caustic taste.

    Sometimes before suppression mushrooms scald salty boiled water and merge water. Do it for care. Some mushrooms boil, for example morels which contain the poisonous substances collapsing under the influence of boiled water.

    Before cooking mushrooms, they should be checked up and rejected carefully what cause suspicion, and also unsuitable to the use - stale or absolutely worm-eaten.

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