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the General room

  • The General room - the greatest on the size, its appointment very versatile: in it have dinner, have a rest, study, sometimes work.

    To make the general room convenient, it should be divided into functional zones. At a window it is better to arrange a rest zone, to put here an ottoman or a sofa bed, the low coffee table, one or two armchairs that here it was possible to esteem the book or the newspaper easy; to be engaged in needlework, to look a telecast, to listen to music, at last, to drink coffee and to talk to friends.

    More close to a door conducting in kitchen, it is possible to place a dining table with chairs, i.e. To create a dining room zone. That it was convenient to use each zone, on their border it is possible to put low section cases perpendicularly to a wall. One of sections - a locker for bedding - should be turned towards an ottoman if it is used as a berth, another - the low glazed section (sideboard) - to a dining table. It is possible to use also stellazhnye racks with the regiments strengthened on them, having put them on a low curbstone or a case. This openwork wall will give to a room special elegance and will underline beauty of low furniture. The carpet on a floor also can underline zone border.

    The General room can serve at night and a bedroom for one person, but in it it is not necessary to put a bed which with success can be replaced by a sofa or an ottoman.

    We do not advise to put a dining table in the room centre as at furniture arrangement we aspire first of all to convenience, economy of a place and aesthetically high-grade decisions. Underlining of a predominating role of a table as it was in the old dining rooms intended only for meal, can give to a modern general room a prudish kind, not to mention blocking up of its area. After all your room not so big, and is intended for many functions. In holidays when visitors gather, the table can be transferred and to the room centre. Round tables are undesirable.

    Our recommendations about zoning and furniture of the general rooms can be used and at the equipment of one-room apartment.

    If in one-room apartment there live three: the husband, the wife and the child-schoolboy, - the furniture in it can be placed approximately so. Near to a window, in a corner of the schoolboy, it is desirable to place a desktop or a secretary, a berth, a chair and a case for clothes, linen, toys. If it is impossible to establish a separate case, it is necessary to allocate for the child regiments and boxes in the general case. As a berth the sofa, an ottoman or a folding bed can serve.

    In the part of a room removed from a window it is possible to place berths for parents (two ottomans in width 70 and 90 see, placed at an angle) to create a rest zone. We speak here not about a sofa bed, and about an ottoman as it can be made most. A usual spring mattress put on legs, fit an inexpensive fabric, - and it becomes very convenient ottoman.

    That on a wide ottoman it was convenient to sit, it is necessary to make a back behind which bedding will be stored in the afternoon, and at night it it will be possible to cast away and use all surface of an ottoman for a dream. Such back can be executed from bruskov or reek with backlashes between separate bruskami that will provide airing of linen and, besides, will make all product easier. To rejkam square or rectangular pillows can be leant.

    On the second ottoman it is possible to put decorative pillows. Near a wall to make the panel from bruskov, smooth otfugovannyh boards, a joiner's plate, a mat, rods of laths or other material that will protect a wall from pollution and scratches.

    At a headboard of a wide ottoman it is possible to put a low locker. (Height of a back of an ottoman, panel top over a narrow ottoman), it is desirable to make all sections entering into group of furniture for rest at one level that the quiet, counterbalanced composition has turned out. Difference on height between separate subjects of furniture is justified only in the event that it strongly pronounced. The toilet table is a subject of furniture of a sleeping room.

    It cannot be placed in the general room as in day and an evening it should be similar nothing to a bedroom. At a headboard of a narrow ottoman, near to a curbstone for bedding, it is possible to put the combined locker-toilet a little table. It is applicable also as a support for a radio receiver or the TV. The rest zone will be added with a journal table and an armchair, will decorate a carpet on a floor.

    Us can ask: and how to be with a dining table, after all in this room, apparently, there was no for it a place? Practice of settling of one-room apartments shows that small families usually eat in a kitchen-dining room. Even at the small area of kitchen it is possible to allocate a place for a small dining table for 2-3 persons. And if visitors come? Artists-mebelshchiki have taken care and of it and have designed a folding dining table on 8 persons. In the combined kind such table takes a few places and is easily established in pass between a forward and general room. In case of need a table transfer to a rest zone, display and establish instead of a coffee table. If a dining table put at a sofa, a sofa bed or an ottoman, it is necessary to increase their height to chair height. For this purpose on an ottoman seat demountable pillows from a back of one ottoman about which it was told above can be put. Certainly, the table can be spread out and aside but then it is necessary to have a certain reserve of folding-chairs.

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