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How to make glue most

  • For viniplasta

    Consider, as if viniplast it is impossible to stick together, as it is ostensibly inert to excited environments. Perfectly stick together viniplast, plexiglas, polystyrene and other plastic dental surgery glue - stirokrilom. This glue can be bought in a drugstore.

    Stuck together surfaces should be smoothed out, first of all, a file to degrease them and simultaneously to transform into the rough. Then from a liquid and a powder stirokrila (1:1 or 1: 2) prepare glue. And a liquid stirokrila it is possible to replace with a liquid protakrila or norakrila (a liquid, but not a powder!). Carefully having stirred a mix, at once put it on stuck together surfaces and connect details.

    Glue this quick-drying, to prepare it it is necessary in the small portions.

    Through 1 - 2 days glue will dry up definitively. Durability of a seam thus becomes above durability of a stuck together material.

    For plexiglas

    If near at hand there was no ready glue for plexiglas, it is possible to prepare it quickly, having dissolved in acetone plastic. For this purpose it is possible to use the become unfit for use plastic children's toy. Plastic crush, vsypte in a glass vial, fill in with acetone (it is possible to use solvent) and densely close a cover. Shake up. Soon in a vial the homogeneous viscous liquid is formed - glue is ready.

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