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the Hotbed complex

  • The Construction of such complex is top of hotbed art as in a complex gives the chance to grow up vegetables, speaking in images, on conveyor system.

    For this purpose in a complex hotbeds of different kinds, from the most simple to more difficult are constructed: the solar nurseries, the warmed ridges, profound constructions on solar heating, hotbeds on electroheating, etc. The territory on which in certain sequence hotbeds of different kinds take places, should be fenced by a green hedge from a cane, brushwood.

    The Similar rational decision of a hotbed problem on a garden site deserves all popularisation.

    At building and operation of all kinds of hotbeds it is necessary to remember the following.

    The Wood intended for building of hotbeds or hothouses, necessarily it is necessary to process antiseptics. Hotbed frames and shprosy hothouses two - three times grease with the hot pitch mixed with brown, and then paint.

    The Fungi which have appeared in hotbeds, it is necessary to clean at once, and a place of their growth prisypat izvestju or ashes.

    Glass should be inserted so that between it and the space 2 was frame folds see Thanks to it at swelling of a tree of glass do not burst.

    Hotbeds (as well as all other shelters) place the long party from the north on the south. At such arrangement they are better shined and better aired. These conditions promote productivity of early vegetables.

    Hotbeds, as well as hothouses, can be on solar, biological, oven and central water heating. Strong fall of temperature as a result of sudden cold snaps in hotbeds with solar and biological heating can be warned by use of so-called emergency heating. Now for this purpose apply various electrofireplaces and electroradiators from which the radiator household, electric РБ-1 capacity 500 vt, on sale in household shops is most convenient.

    It is possible to recollect old, but reliable, and the main thing, a cheap way of emergency heating for which earlier, and now are widely applied simple on the device of the furnace (hot-water bottle) of mine type as fuel for which the burnt charcoal serves. The furnace with a pipe on type samovarnoj kindle outside of a hotbed or a hothouse. In it put no more than 1 kg of coal. When coal will well inflame and will cease to smoke, from the furnace remove a pipe and bring in a hothouse. Efficiency of such oven is simply surprising. For heating of a hotbed or a hothouse the area of 100 m 2 it is enough to put only one small furnace. Fire possibility is excluded completely as the furnace-hot-water bottle is closed from different directions.

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