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the House aquarium

  • The Beautiful aquarium delivers a lot of pleasure to fans of the nature. It can become an apartment ornament. It is interesting to conduct supervision over a life of fishes also.

    The Aquarium should be big enough that small fishes could float freely in it and had enough oxygen. It is necessary to start with such calculation that on one bucket of water it was necessary about 5 fishes though this figure can fluctuate considerably depending on a kind of fishes.

    For absolutely small small fishes it is possible to arrange an aquarium in the big glass jar with a wide aperture. However aquariums from the flat glass inserted into metal frameworks and greased along the edges with putty with an impurity of minium are most convenient. Such aquarium can be made most or to buy in shop. Before letting in small fishes an aquarium, it fill with salty water. Salts should be poured so much that water had salty taste. Water leave for some days. It do for the purpose of elimination of a smell of minium and putty.

    After that an aquarium carefully rinse and fill with pure water.

    On an aquarium bottom it is necessary to fill 3 - a 5-centimetric layer of pure river sand or gravel so that it was sloping: from the back party this layer of sand should be thicker, and with obverse - is more thin. It becomes for a decor and also that the rests of not eaten forage and a sewage did not litter a bottom, and accumulated in one, the deepest place. Plants it is better to sit down at back and lateral walls of an aquarium then it is better to observe of small fishes.

    If you fill the tank with tap water small fishes can be let in it only in a week, otherwise the chlorinated water can damage it. The water temperature should be a constant 20 - 22°. The water cold snap on some degrees can cause disease of fishes. To warm up water it is necessary a special heater.

    In an aquarium it is necessary to place seaweed which are not only an ornament, but also supply fishes with oxygen, absorbing thus from water carbonic gas allocated with fishes. In case of an overpopulation of an aquarium water needs to be enriched oxygen by means of the delivery pump which pumps up fresh air in water.

    The Aquarium should not be exposed on the sun as it can lead zarastaniju small - seaweed. The great value has aquarium illumination as both fishes, and plants should have light enough. The best illumination - lateral and top. It is possible to shine also with the small electric bulb shipped in water which during colds will be simultaneously and to warm up water. It is necessary to cover an aquarium with glass for prevention of hit of a dust on a water surface and formations of the film complicating enrichment of water by oxygen. Between glass and an aquarium edge there should be a crack for air passage.

    Recognition of sick fish does not demand a wide experience. Sick fish is covered in aquarium corners, fins at it are lowered downwards, it floats a little or does sharp unnatural movements, catches air at the water surface and does not try to escape, when it try to catch. A disease sign are also outgrowths, white tochechki, white or yellow films on a skin, bleeding ranki on a body and the deprived colourings fins. After transferring of sick small fishes to other ware, it is necessary to clean an aquarium carefully. Starting treatment of fishes, it is necessary to glance in the special book or to consult to the skilled fan.

    Time in 3 - 4 days it is necessary to delete from the tank by means of a rubber tube all sewage which has accumulated at the bottom. In an aquarium it is necessary to add the pure water which have settled during 10 days. If, despite cleaning, a bottom it is still polluted by the forage rests, vydelenijami fishes, and also decaying parts of seaweed, the aquarium should be cleaned thoroughly, having placed preliminary fishes in any other ware filled with water from this aquarium. Seaweed it is necessary to take out, remove with all of them the darkened decayed leaves and cautiously to wash out water. Sand also should be washed out carefully, and aquarium walls to clean cotton wool or bandage. After that it is possible to fill an aquarium with the same filtered or new water of a room temperature, to plant seaweed and to transfer to it small fishes. Aquarium cleaning is of great importance, as a sewage, rotting in water, absorb from it oxygen, and allocate hydrogen sulphide which can cause  destruction of small fishes.

    Feed small fishes with a special forage which can be got in pet-shops.

    Fishes in an aquarium should receive a forage as far as possible same what they eat in normal conditions.

    Feeding make 1 - 2 times a day in the small portions that not eaten rests did not collect. A live forage of fish prefer to the dry. Remember that fishes are always better for underfeeding, than to overfeed.

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