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the House first-aid set

  • In each family there should be a small first-aid set with the medicines necessary for first-aid treatment at sudden illness or accident. For storage of medicines is better to have a separate locker or special jashchichek.

    Medicines cannot be stored together with edibles, and also to leave their opened, to put at a window or in other place shined with the sun.

    Watch, that medicines never came into the hands of children. In the first-aid set it is not necessary to keep old medicines and such on which there are no labels. It is not necessary to save up also a considerable quantity of medicines. In the first-aid set there should not be a disorder, all and always should be on the constant place that in case of emergency need not to lose time for searches of the necessary medicine. Tablets and powders should lie in boxes with corresponding inscriptions, on vials and jars there should be labels with clearly written names of medicines.

    In the first-aid set should be:

    • disinfectants: hinozol (means for throat rinsing), iodine (for disinfection of edges of wounds, scratches and grazes), permanganate kalija (kaly margantsevokislyj) in crystals;

    • uksusno-aluminium salt in tablets or in a powder (for compresses, at bruises, inflammations of a skin and dislocations);

    • pure (95%) and denaturirovannyj spirit;

    • hydrogen peroxide (for obmyvanija wounds and throat rinsing);

    • ointments: ihtiolovaja, boric, ointment from cod-liver oil and ordinary vaseline;

    • dressing means: two narrow, two wide and two elastic bandage; an oilcloth for a compress (it is possible to use the pergament paper combined four times), a gauze ordinary, sterile or jodoforirovannaja, special (iron) cotton wool to stop a bleeding from a nose;

    • lignin, a plaster roll on a gauze, scissors, some safety pins, tweezers (tweezers);

    • soothing and febrifuges: aspirin, pyramidon, tsitramon;

    • soothing and cardiacs: kardiazol (or korazol) - warm drops;

    • valerianovye drops - a demulcent (it is applied in case of nervous excitation and the raised palpitation);

    • gastric and intestinal means: drops of Inozemtseva, mint drops (calming pains of a stomach);

    • coal in tablets (karbolen);

    • besalol (the means disinfecting a digestive path);

    • purgen (depletive);

    • herbs: a bilberry (at strong diarrhoeia);

    • krushina (at locks);

    • lime colour (febrifuge);

    • mint and a camomile (at diarrheas and gastric pains);

    • a sage (for oral cavity rinsing at an inflammation nadkostnitsy, irritation and a tumour of gums).

    It is necessary to replace Plants annually fresh. Long storage leads to loss of their salutary properties. Plants should be stored in banks with well ground in stoppers.

    In each first-aid set there should be a medical thermometer, a glass for a drug intake (with graduation), an eye tray, a pipette, banks and small kastrjulka for tea leaves of plants, and also kruzhechka and a strainer for broth filtering, a vessel and a mug of Esmarha with two kinds of tips, a hot-water bottle (if the hot-water bottle has broken and to stick together it nehvataet time, instead of water in it it is possible to fill the warmed-up salt).

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