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House library

  • The Problem of placing of house library solve differently: depending on quantity of books, the sizes of apartment, a furniture arrangement in a room. The good bookcase will decorate any dwelling. Cases with books it is possible to fence off a part of a room for a berth, a working corner. On regiments between books it is possible to put a vase with the flowers, figurines.

    If the sizes of your room or apartment allow, try to arrange a corner for reading. In a cosy window seat or radiators, at an oven or a fireplace put an armchair, a small little table, on it - a vase with colours or a green branch. Take care, that on a little table or the stand over an armchair there was a lamp put or strengthened so that its light fell on the book.

    How to place and where it is better to store books? Usually books place in the closed bookcases, on the racks, open book shelves, whatnots. Cases-sections are very convenient, they are easier for placing in a room, in process of replenishment of your library to them it is possible to add additional sections. It is better to store books in the closed cases, they not pyljatsja, do not burn out.

    Books which use less often and which more valuable, it is better to put in the closed case, and books which use often, it is possible to put on a desk or open trailing or desktop regiments. Such regiments can be made most of thin boards in width about 15 see To an average board in width in 40 - 50 sm attach from two ends on window loops lateral boards, their appointment - to support books.

    Place books in cases and on regiments differently. Arrangement of books on a format is rather economical, but this way is inconvenient that when all books stand alternately, the necessary book happens difficultly to find. It is better to place books on subjects then any book is easy for finding, especially if in each section they stand alphabetically, as it should be from left to right, since the top shelf. If you want, that books always stood one after another, enter a firm rule that each member of the family who have taken the book, put it on a former place. It is better to place books in a case in one number then they can be got without effort. If at you a deep bookcase more necessary books put in a forward number, and behind them what you use seldom.

    It is better to do Book shelves of such height that it was possible to get the book without a ladder or a chair. The bottom shelf is good for making with a small inclination inside that without bending down it was possible to read the book name. Books should be put directly, it is perpendicular to a shelf, instead of naklonno. If it is not enough of them, put knigoderzhatel at the top book. It is not necessary to put books too densely - from it they spoil. Books of the big format can be put on a shelf flatwise.

    Protect books from a sunlight as from it burn out covers, the paper turns yellow. Books are harmed also by strong heat: from it the paper dries up, covers shrink. Therefore bookcases and regiments should stand on some distance from batteries of a central heating and furnaces. Books avoid damp, therefore it is not necessary to put bookcases and regiments at an external wall or close water- and gas pipes. Between bookcases and a wall there should be a distance 2 - 3 sm for air easy approach. It is necessary to preserve books and against wreckers - rodents and insects.

    The Dust also spoils books, therefore they need to be cleaned regularly. It is good to do it by a vacuum cleaner. Thus it is necessary, that books stood densely enough as differently those from them which have no covers, can be disarranged from strong draught of air. Regiments also

    Clean a vacuum cleaner. It is possible to wipe a dust from books and a soft dry rag, for example, old cotton jersey. From time to time it is necessary to make more careful cleaning, removing books from shelves and rubbing off each of them, thus regiments carefully wipe a damp rag. To put books into place it is possible only when regiments will absolutely dry out. Bookcases it is necessary regularly (1 - 2 times a week) to air, leaving their doors opened for the night.

    At long using of the book wear out, then it is necessary to make new covers.

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