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apartment Illumination

  • To Place furniture in apartment, to select colouring of fabrics it is necessary taking into account illumination of rooms in the afternoon. With approach of twilight artificial illumination starts to play almost the most essential role in an interior as it is capable to alter its shape and to give it especial, evening mood. The premise should have the top diffused light, intensive enough to reproduce the general day kind of an interior; besides, in a room mobile fixtures with transparent caps of the warm colouring, providing sufficient light exposure of separate workplaces should be placed.

    To the top illumination apply flat plafonds on the short probe or chandeliers with matte plafonds which give soft, a diffused light. Intensity of illumination needs to be varied depending on a room function.

    Written or the desktop is shined with a lamp with an opaque cap. Near an ottoman, armchairs for rest, at a mirror it is desirable to have separate fixtures.

    The Main appointment of illumination - to create favorable visibility conditions, to reduce fatigue of eyes and to keep good state of health of the person. The important role is played by illumination and in the art decision of an interior: light and a shade underline the parts of an interior most favourable in the decorative relation, help creation with a cosiness room. Successfully chosen on colour, the form and proportions the fixture plays a role of an accenting decorative stain which as though will organise and connects together all parts of internal furniture of a premise. Therefore the choice of receptions of illumination and lighting fixtures selection are important points in creation of an interior of apartment.

    The Chandelier once shining all room, in a modern interior has as though broken up to light points, and they, having left the ceiling middle, have dispersed in places where their light is directly necessary to the person. Therefore recently along with plafonds of general light which even more often replace a traditional chandelier, the wide circulation was received by floor lamps, a sconce, desk lamps etc.

    In the same premise, including various light sources, we have possibility to reach the diversified effect. It is beautiful to shine with the latent source-is possible in the evening a window curtain or a curtain, with a directional light beam to allocate an interesting picture, a figurine, a vase, flowers. Such underlined illumination is good for combining with the general absent-minded reflected light.

    Consecutive inclusion and deenergizing of separate lighting points is capable to enrich an evening kind of an interior, to give it a variety, to reveal its composition. Fixtures with adjustable height of a suspension bracket can, if it is necessary, more intensively to shine a table at reading, cutting, employment by needlework.

    For illumination of a table zone usually apply trailing fixtures to a ceiling light.

    The Quantity of fixtures and their placing depends on the table form: over a square table the fixture is better for placing in the centre, and over rectangular - along a table, on its axial line.

    The Desktop shine with a directional light. It is desirable, that all room has been thus shined by a weak diffused light, as at

    The big contrast between the shined desktop and other dark part of a room at each separation of eyes from a table there is a sharp transition from bright light to darkness, and it is harmful to sight.

    Especially attentively it is necessary to concern the organisation of illumination of a corner of the schoolboy. It is desirable, that the top cover of a table or a secretary intended for employment, was necessarily matte invoice. Light should shine all surface of a table in regular intervals. The subjects located in sight of the schoolboy, should not be too shining or motley. Fixtures need to be established so that the internal part of a lamp shade was not looked through at normal position of the sitting schoolboy. Besides, the diffused light is necessary.

    It is recommended to shine the Sleeping room with light reflected from a ceiling. It can be made by means of a floor lamp, the most part of which light stream is directed upwards. It is possible to use wall fixtures with the same orientation of light, the small ceiling fixture or a flat plafond with absent-minded distribution of a stream of light. The night lamp can be attached to a wall. In a night lamp the protective corner for possibility of increase or reduction of the shined area should change freely.

    Kitchen Illumination do two kinds: the general and local - over a working plane of a table as at one only the general top light source the shade working falls just on a desktop surface. Local illumination is better to have under hinged lockers - in this case their bottoms carry out a role of a protective peak and light does not get to eyes working, and shines only hands and a table. For local illumination it is convenient to use fluorescent lamps - luminescent tubes, but warm pink, instead of cold blue colour as blue light, getting on products, does their unappetizing. Switches for the general and local light are better for making separate - often local light is not necessary. The source of general light can be placed both under a ceiling, and over a dining table.

    Lavatories also equip with local and general illumination. Illumination should be intensive enough that at washing of hands, bathing, combing of hair the corresponding light comfort has been created. As a bathroom - the premise with very high percent of humidity, here is applied by semihermetic lighting devices - plafonds and the sconces closed usually by glass of dairy colour. The fixture of local illumination, for example a sconce, is established over a mirror or from both parties of a mirror that is convenient at shaving, cosmetic procedures. It is very important, that lateral fixtures had rasseivateli from the matte glass protecting eyes from blinding direct light.

    In rooms of small height apply ceiling plafonds. Trailing lamps look in rooms with high ceilings is better.

    The Table shine with a directional light. On a desktop light should fall at the left.

    Wall fixtures with the mobile arm, two- and trehsharnirnye are very convenient. The Light source thanking it it is possible to move in the necessary direction.

    Floor fixtures can be motionless or sharnirnye. Them use for armchair illumination.

    Desktop fixtures with a flexible support are very convenient.

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