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Juice from vegetables

  • Carrot juice is better to prepare in the autumn from the small and damaged root crops. Carrots carefully wash in cold water, crush and wring out. If mechanical adaptations are not present, root crops rub on a grater and wring out in a gauze sack.

    For giving of pleasant taste and nutritiousness increase in juice it is recommended to add equal quantity 10%-s' syrups, it is possible to acidify slightly lemon acid.

    Juice spill in any glasswares and during 20 - 25 minutes sterilise, then cool and filter, filtering through a gauze or a flannel. Again juice spill in bottles, cover with their stoppers and put in a wide pan. The support, or some layers of a gauze, or, at last, a straw layer that bottles did not concern a bottom is put on its bottom. In a pan cold water is poured and boiled 20 - 25 minutes. Then bottles cool and cork. It is good to fill in necks with sealing wax.

    For preparation of tomato juice use mature fruits, it is desirable one grade. Tomatoes carefully wash in cold water, delete fruit stems and again wash. Small fruits cut half-and-half, large - on segments and put in the wide enameled pan. Add approximately 15% of water and heat up to a softening of fruits. The received mashed potatoes wipe through a sieve. Juice pour in the enameled pan, heat up to 80 - 85° also spill in bottles. Them sterilise in boiling water and cork.

    Cabbage juice can be received two kinds: from fresh and from a sauerkraut.

    Kvashenie spend on usual, well-known technology. Juice turning out thus decant in the sterilised enameled, glass or wooden ware and maintain 3 - 5 hours before clarification. Juice cautiously that not vzmutit a deposit, filter through a double layer of a gauze or a flannel, warm up to 70 - 80° also spill in bottles.

    For preparation of juice from fresh cabbage it wash, crush, squeeze out juice. In the rest there is one difference in technology: the clarification period is extended to 12 - 14 hours.

    It is possible to reduce sourish taste of cabbage juice, adding in it a sugar syrup. Pasteurisation of bottles with cabbage juice spend in the usual way.

    It is possible to prepare rhubarb Juice from neogrowing coarse chereshkov. A sheet plate cut off (in it acid, and in chereshkah - apple) prevails shchavelevaja. CHereshki clear of fibres and wash in cold water, cut on segments on 2 sm, scald 1 - 2 minutes and immerse in cold water. From the cooled rhubarb wring out juice. It is good to add in ready juice 1 / 3 crimson, strawberry, currant or any other juice.

    At preparation of juice from coarsened chereshkov shchavelevuju acid besiege a chalk. On 10 l of juice undertakes 15 g a pounded chalk, the mix is carefully stirred, it should to allow settle 9 - 10 hours. Juice filter through a double layer of a gauze or a flannel, spill in bottles and sterilise.

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