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  • Kitchens can be two kinds: workers (intended only for cooking) and kitchen-dining rooms. The last have gained now the greatest distribution. In such kitchens not only cook food, but also have dinner, and sometimes accept friends. The Kitchen-dining room has a number of advantages before working kitchen: the mistress should go less, serving sitting at a dining table, it is easier to spend cleaning.

    Properly to equip a workplace of the mistress? The most convenient placing of furniture in kitchen at which a sink, the desktop and a plate stand in one number, in such (or return) sequences. The woman on kitchen usually does all standing, spending three times more energy, than at work sitting. If it costs having bent, spends energy in 14 times more. Therefore work in kitchen is better for carrying out sitting, using a high chair with a back or a stool with a support for feet.

    The Table gets out depending on family structure. If in apartment lives one or two persons, the table in length suits them of 60 sm, for bolshej families it is desirable to have longer table.

    The Woman will get tired less, if all necessary products and kitchen stock are located at it at hand. Hinged lockers suspend therefore on distance of 45 sm from a working plane of a table. Under such locker it is good to make sliding jashchichki for storage of various loose products and spices.

    Walls in kitchen are better for painting in quiet light tone. On walls it is possible to hang up bright decorative subjects - prints, ceramics. The premise and the beautiful ware exposed on open regiments, and colour curtains at windows, and indoor plants will recover. If in kitchen the family has dinner, the interior can be solved in two colours. About a dining table it is possible to paint a wall bright colour, and the others - in quiet tone. Subjects of kitchen furniture should be light, dark seem bulky, heavy, depressing operate on mentality of the person.

    The Kitchen bowl demands careful leaving. First of all try not to litter it. A liquid containing the firm rests, it is better to pour out in a toilet bowl. If dust parts, the food rests have got to a bowl, they should be collected cautiously a paper or a rag and to throw out in a garbage can. In order to avoid a contamination it is recommended over an aperture in a bowl to strengthen a dense grid from a wire. The grid should be cleaned regularly.

    From time to time it is necessary to wash out a bowl hot alkaline water which will dissolve the fat rests in pipes and by that will protect them from a contamination.

    The Siphon and pipes under a bowl is better for closing, having equipped a locker. In it it is possible to put a bucket for floor washing, to put rags, a broom, a scoop.

    That an oilcloth not rastreskivalas, from time to time it wipe a vinegar and milk mix.

    On ware in which products are stored, there should be the accurate inscriptions designating its maintenance.

    Napkins for filtering of broths or sauces should be erased without soap, but well and carefully to boil with baking soda.

    Before the use of a new frying pan, a kettle or other pig-iron ware on their bottom fill a salt layer, put ware on fire and calcinate. Then a white paper wipe salt and grease ware with fat, and then again calcinate.

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