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it is necessary to remember

  • First of all, it is necessary to know that fruit and berry cultures - plants long-term tens years growing on one place that is why it is important not to admit misses at a bookmark of a garden, after an error difficultly happens to correct.

    Plant, for example, an apple-tree, an unknown grade, it will start to yield a harvest through 6 - 7 years, and apples will appear tasteless, unattractive by sight, trees are ill, often perish.

    Choose fruits and grades which in your district well grow, plentifully fructify and are durable. Such grades grow up local plodovo-berry nurseries. If your garden in a midland, do not get saplings in the markets and delivered of southern areas.

    Do not take a great interest in a multirating. It is enough to plant 3 - 4 proved grades of apples. On 6 hundred parts it is expedient to plant:

    • 10 - 12 apple-trees (winter grades - 4 - 5; autumn - 3 - 4; summer - 2 - 3);
    • cherries - 5 - 6, a gooseberry 4 - 5 bushes;
    • a black currant - 10 - 12;
    • white and red - 3 - 4;
    • raspberries - 70 - 80, wild strawberry - 400 - 500 bushes.

    In the Autumn, at the height of holiday of saplings from nurseries, you observe sometimes such picture: saplings of fruit-trees and berry bushes transport in a municipal transportation with not torn off leaves. It is bad! In any cases on saplings it is necessary to remove leaves, without having damaged kidneys. Leaves evaporate water, plants are dried.

    Do not suppose excessive zagushchennosti in landings, further it will negatively be reflected in growth and productivity of plantings.

    At landing place garden plantings so: an apple-tree and a pear - on distance 3 - 4X6 m, a cherry and plum - 3X3 m, a gooseberry and a currant - 1,5X1,5 m, a raspberry plant in a continuous ditch with distance 0,6 - 0,7 m between plants. The wild strawberry is better for planting on a bed in 2 numbers with distances 30 - 40 sm between numbers and 25 - 30 sm between saplings.

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