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Pasting of glass with other materials

  • At pasting of glass and gluing to it of various materials the strongest and colourless seams proof to cold water give "¦рЁё" "¤р=хъё" "Лэшъѕь" "¤-+" are suitable also "РѕяхЁчхьхэ=" and "…И-2".

    Before pasting the surface has flown down should be fat-free by acetone. On both surfaces put a layer of glue and dry during 5 - 10 minutes. Then put the second layer, dry it 2 - 3 minutes and connect stuck together parts. That during hardening of a seam of a detail have been densely pressed one to another, it is possible to use rubber plaits or clamps. Stuck together subjects should be in such condition not less than 20 minutes. Full shvatyvanie a seam occurs for 24 hours.

    For gluing on glass of fabrics, a tree and a paper it is possible to use "¤-+" "¤-+-+" "¦¤-+" etc. it is necessary to remember only that at them the limited water resistance. At pasting both surfaces coat with glue, connect, impose small cargo on a seam and maintain about an hour. Completely the seam hardens for 2 hours.

    The Surface has flown down before pasting degrease acetone, and a metal surface carefully clear of a rust and also degrease. At pasting metal and glass should be absolutely dry, water in an aquarium can be poured not earlier than in three days after pasting.

    The frame of an aquarium Prepared for pasting coat germetikoj in those places where glass will be pasted, insert glass and fix it rasporkami, the Seam between glass and metal also coat germetikoj by means of a knife or shpatelja.

    All materials of section " it is short about ъых §"