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Pasting of a skin with other materials

  • For pasting of a skin with a skin, skin with a fabric and skin with leather substitutes are most suitable following glues: "¦рЁё" "¦Н-1" " АГО" "‡+ А" "рряшф" "88-" "-р-1" "¤-+" "¤- А" "¤р=хъё" and "Лэшъѕь",

    More often the skin should be stuck together when on leather top of footwear it is necessary to put a patch. It cut out with an allowance on 6 - 7 mm of more size of the damaged place (patch edge cut off on is not present). The surface of footwear and a patch clear of a dirt a tampon moistened with water, fatty pollution remove other tampon moistened with acetone. Then a repaired site of footwear and a patch wrong side process a file or an emery paper that the surface became rough. Into a boot insert kolodku or if it is not present, hardly fill a paper.

    At pasting of a skin by glues " АГА" "‡+ А" "рряшф" grease a repaired site of footwear and a patch wrong side, dry a layer of glue 20 - 30 minutes, then repeatedly put it and not later than through 1 - 2 minutes patch. It densely press and bandage to a boot rubber bandage. It is possible to put one layer of glue on a boot and a patch, at once to impose it and to press. To remove, the bandage and to use footwear it is possible in 6 hours.

    Rubber glues "88-" "¤р=хъё" "-р-1" it is possible not only stick together a skin, but also to paste to it various plastics, an imitation leather, felt and textile materials. At pasting on both prepared surfaces apply a thin film gluing and allow to it to dry up. Then put the second layer of glue, allow to it to dry up "фю ю=ышяр" (i.e. Should not stick to fingers) then connect details, it is strong them compressing rubber bandage or a clamp, on 3 - 4 hours. Duration of drying of a seam of 10 hours.

    All materials of section " it is short about ъых §"