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Pasting of metals with other materials

  • Probably, not everyone avtomotoljubitel knows that most it is possible to close up, for example, cracks in a head and the cylinder of engines of motorcycles and cars, to paste the union, to stick together an arm, to close up a crack in a tank. And after all here all-powerful glue too comes to the rescue. The best glues for these works - "¦яюъёшфэр  °яр=ыхтър" and glue "…И-2". Glues "¦¤+" are suitable also; and "¦-¤". From a surface it is necessary to remove fatty pollution, a rust and to make its rough. Fatty pollution leave acetone or gasoline, and also solutions of washing-up liquids. The rust from steel details can be etched, having shipped them on 50 - 60 seconds in the solution consisting of 30 parts of concentrated hydrochloric acid, 1 part concentrated (30%) peroxides of hydrogen and 20 parts of water. After such processing of a detail it is necessary to wash out carefully water and well to dry up. Glue put at once after degreasing and etching. Before pasting it is necessary to prepare in advance adaptations for a fastening of details - clamps, bolts, etc.

    "¦яюъёшфэющ °яр=ыхтъющ" glues "…И-2" "¦¤+" "¦-¤" it is possible to close up holes in tanks and apertures in pipelines. If width of a hole or an aperture less than 12 mm them stick with a plaster from the fabric which have been missed the mark "¦яюъёшфэющ °яр=ыхтъющ". A plaster impose on an aperture which edges preliminary smooth out and coat from above and from within with glue so that the seam has covered both a plaster and metal edges

    Holes of the big size also stick with a fabric plaster, however from above it fix the metal patch blocking a plaster. This patch paste to tank or pipeline metal. Using the same reception (the fabric plaster a metal patch) to pipelines can be pasted plus of the union.

    Holes and apertures in various metal subjects can be closed up by means of glue "…И-2" For this purpose paste the metal patch, which size on 5 - 10 sm are more than aperture. Aperture and patch edges preliminary grind a skin and for 10 - 15 minutes before pasting wipe a tampon moistened with acetone. Then put glue, a patch press clamps and warm up a glutinous seam - on an electrotile or by means of an electrosoldering iron.

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