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paper and cardboard Pasting

  • Best of them - colourless strong and not causing koroblenija - "Ршэ=хъё" "+Ё=ю¶шъё" "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ for сѕьруш" "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ" and a number of glues on a basis polivinilatsetatnoj emulsii. Distribution was received by glues on the basis of liquid glass "+-Р" and "Ршышър=э№щ" though they have a serious lack: the glutinous seam is jarred on and turns yellow. They are not suitable for paper gluing on glass. Well stick together a paper universal glues "+++" "-ш==ш¶шъё" "¦хъюы".

    To paste photos in an album, rubber glue is very convenient. The photos pasted with its help are not jarred on, in need of them it is easy to separate from a thick paper, and the glue rests to remove usual lastikom.

    If it is not required, that glue quickly seized, the paper can be glued and universal glues "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшь for с№=р" "¤-+" "¤-+-+" "¤-+-¦" "¦¤-+". To pasting of a paper with other materials apply following glues:

    • with a cardboard: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ" "-ыхщ kazeinovyj ъюэ=юЁёъшщ" and others kazeinovye glues, "+++" "‡++" etc.;

    • with plywood or a tree: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ" "-ыхщ kazeinovyj ъюэ=юЁёъшщ" "+++" and "‡++";

    • with glass: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ" "-ыхщ kazeinovyj ъюэ=юЁёъшщ";

    • with metal: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ";

    • with a skin: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ" "+++" "‡++";

    • with a fabric: "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ".

    When a paper stick together with a cardboard, a tin, glass with plywood, it is enough to grease with glue one of surfaces, to impose on another and to sustain 15 minutes that there was a glue hardening. If a paper stick together with a fabric, it is recommended to grease with glue both surfaces and to put on a seam cargo.

    All materials of section " it is short about ъых §"