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porcelain and ceramics Pasting

  • Porcelain and ceramics can be stuck together strong and waterproof glues "¦-¤" "¦¤+" "¦рЁё" "рряшф" "¦хъюы" "-ш==ш¶шъё" "¦ырё=юёшы-2" "¤р=хъё" and "Лэшъѕь". Among them it is necessary to recognise as the best "¦рЁё" "рряшф" "¦-¤" "¦¤+" "¤р=хъё" and "Лэшъѕь". At pasting of porcelain of a surface degrease a tampon moistened with acetone, put a glue layer on both surfaces and allow to it to dry up about 20 minutes. After that put the second layer, connect stuck together surfaces, strongly press by means of a clamp, a plait or any other adaptation and maintain them in such position 3 hours. Definitive shvatyvanie a seam occurs for two days.

    Strongly to stick together porcelain it is possible glue "¦ырё=юёшы-2". It is two-componental waterproof glue.

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