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wood Pasting

  • Glues are applied To furniture repair in various joiner's works: "¤-+" "¤-+-+" "¤-+-¦" and also "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ ё=юы Ёэ№щ" "-ыхщ ърчхшэют№щ" (in a powder) and "-ыхщ ъюё=э№щ" (in tiles). Strong and waterproof seams give "-рчхшэют№щ ъыхщ" "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ ё=юы Ёэ№щ". Less all is convenient in the use bone glue.

    Glue "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ ё=юы Ёэ№щ" - two-componental: pitch (viscous weight from white to brown colour) and a hardener (a powder shchavelevoj acids of white colour). A hardener dissolve in half of glass of hot water (10%-s' solution shchavelevoj acids turns out), then pitch and a hardener solution carefully mix before reception of homogeneous weight. The prepared portion should be spent within 20 minutes.

    That the seam has turned out strong, wood should be enough dry, and humidity of both stuck together details should not differ too strongly. At work glue fills the time of wood opened at planing and sawing up, as provides durability of a seam. If a time is closed, for example by an old layer of glue, a paint, pasting will be fragile. Therefore the surface before pasting is necessary for clearing.

    As we already spoke, pasting the more strongly, than the glutinous seam is more thin. Therefore at gluing in of furniture thorns in eyes old coverings smooth out cautiously that there were no too big backlashes. If the thorn sits in an eye freely, it is necessary to insert linings from thin plywood.

    Plywood, wood, layered plastic, a decorative film from polyvinylchloride and fabrics paste on wood as follows.

    For a covering of wood an interline interval (single-layered plywood) glue "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ ё=юы Ёэ№щ" most of all approaches; as it forms absolutely colourless seam. It is possible to use kazeinovyj glue. Polivinilatsetatnye glues are less suitable because of low water resistance, bone glue forms the painted seam.

    If glue to put on both surfaces - both on a wooden product and on plywood, - that plywood will immediately warp, and at straightening of a place of connections of plywood sheets will disperse, and about them there will be small cracks. Therefore with glue coat only a surface of a wooden product and impose on it dry plywood. It for 40 minutes press cargo. The seam completely hardens within 6 hours.

    At glue use "Ршэ=х=шёхёъюую ё=юы Ёэюую" two-componental, it is possible not to mix in advance pitch and a hardener, and to put them on a product separately: at first a hardener layer, and then a pitch layer. After that impose dry plywood and press its cargo. The glutinous seam strong enough, but fragile is formed. It maintains action of cold water, but in warm (60°) quickly collapses.

    Decorative films from polyvinylchloride and layered paper decorative plastic is better to paste to a tree rubber glues "¦ырё=юёшы-2" "88-" "-р-1" "г-3". The bottom party of a film is useful for smoothing out thin nazhdachnoj a skin and to degrease gasoline. Glue put on both stuck together surfaces, impose a film or plastic on a wooden product, carefully "т№цшьр " from a seam air bubbles, also put for 20 minutes loading (nearby 3 - 4 kg/sm 2 ). If use "-ѕсъюь" after drawing of glue till the moment of connection of stuck together surfaces the endurance 2 is necessary - 3 minutes the Seam completely harden for 10 hours (except for glue "¦ырё=юёшы-2") which definitively hardens in 3 days.

    Fabrics strongly stick together with a tree polivinilatsetatnym with glue, "…И-6" "-ѕсюъ" "Лэшъѕь"; However glue "¤-+" and "…И-6" have lacks: the first differs the low water resistance, the second forms a seam painted in yellow colour. The fabric and a tree coat polivinilatsetatnym with glue, put to each other and iron a glutinous seam through a wet rag a hot iron until the rag does not become absolutely dry. At using glue "Лэшъѕь" instead of proglazhivanija it is enough to press down a seam at 2 o'clock cargo.

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