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How to place furniture

  • To Create an interior meeting the modern requirements, it is difficult enough even then when there is a choice of things. In each separate case it is necessary to take into consideration possibilities of apartment, a wish and a habit of members of a family, their work. It is necessary to consider and possibilities of development of a family in which life changes are inevitable.

    There is a various approach to a furniture choice. In one case, in other - the set calculated on all apartment can be recommended for each room separately (pokomnatnye sets). It is possible to complete sets of furniture from separate groups of a various functional purpose. Such way of furniture will relieve a family of large single expenses and, the main thing, will allow to think over a question of the further furniture of apartment more carefully.

    The Furniture needs to be chosen convenient and comfortable. It is necessary to consider thus that the abundance of the sparkling polished surfaces tyres sight, does an interior uneasy.

    At arrangement of furniture pay attention to a background of walls, a colour combination, distance and passes between separate subjects and groups of subjects. Passes should provide free movement on a room, convenient using furniture.

    And now let's pass on your apartment and we will discuss all questions connected with an accomplishment and its furniture. We would like, that examples and the councils resulted in this book, have suggested an idea to you to bring in the equipment of your apartment something, original, modern.

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