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Plants forecast the weather

  • To Define, what weather will be in a near time or the next day, it is possible to many signs, in particular on some plants.

    Leaflets lenkoranskoj acacias before an approaching thunder-storm hang, and its pink tsvetki are compressed. TSvetki a yellow acacia usually strongly smell in the evening. If you feel their aroma in the solar morning, know are to a thunder-storm. Before a bad weather the smell at a lilac, a golden currant, a gillyflower and petuni amplifies, and acacia flowers allocate a lot of nectar.

    Pay attention to any flower bed: the sky pure, weather good, and ipomeja, malva, nails have already densely combined the petals and as if uvjali - means, there will be a rain... After a rain petals again will reveal.

    Weed flowers - a cornflower koljuchegolovogo, growing in Crimea are surprisingly sensitive to changes of weather. TSvetki this plant - small yellow asterisks - reveal usually very much early, before sunrise. If they have revealed, that, despite cloudy morning, it is possible to expect good weather in the afternoon.

    So sensitively reacts to change of weather and a wood louse growing on a kitchen garden. Its ordinary-looking tsvetki reveal early in the morning if by 9 o'clock they have not revealed, for certain there will be a rain.

    Before a bad weather leaves of some wood plants, for example kislitsy and wood krupki hang. On wide elegant leaves of a horse-chestnut before approach of a long bad weather there is a plentiful allocation of a sticky liquid.

    Plants - foretellers of weather - are and on a meadow. So, before cloudy weather put the leaves a meadow clover, flowers of the meadow core hang, donnik at this time strongly smells, and tsvetki a dandelion, kozloborodnika, mother-and-stepmother, a thistle are closed.

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