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  • The Construction of pool or any other reservoir quite real business. The pool in territory of a garden site is a pleasure for children, convenience and advantage to adults. It is possible to do pools to the taste and desire: decorative, pleskatelnye and for bathing.

    The Device of such reservoirs is carried out in the various ways. The most simple variant - the reservoir which has been laid out by stamped silt. A foundation ditch for it dig on 40 - 50 sm more deeply, than depth of the future reservoir. When the foundation ditch will be ready, in it is consecutive, through certain intervals of time stamp three layers of silt, thickness 15 smkazhdyj. A foundation ditch of the future reservoir plant with vegetation and fill in with water. In such pool quickly enough develops usual "тюфюхьэр " a life.

    The Second variant - as easy as shelling pears. Complexity only in a construction of a foundation ditch with a firm ground. When such foundation ditch is ready, and edges cover its bottom a high-strength polyethylene film. The covering should keep densely, for this purpose the wide ends of a film throw through reservoir edges, fix heavy subjects, basically stones, and fall asleep a thick layer of earth on which land green plantings.

    The Third variant more labour-consuming. The foundation ditch in it should have walls in the thickness not less than 10 - 14 reservoir Concreting see is carried out directly in a foundation ditch.

    When concrete completely will harden, it start to wash out in a literal sense. Water should be replaced in a foundation ditch not less than three times (to replace is means, each time from a foundation ditch needs to be lowered or extorted or taken out water).

    These procedures, along with purely hygienic, have also other important sense. The matter is that the chemical substances allocated from fresh, just made concrete, fatally influence vegetation in such reservoir. It perishes. Small fishes if you want them to plant in a reservoir will be lost also.

    Therefore "ючхыхэ =і" such reservoir it is possible only after repeated washing of a foundation ditch.

    In summary little-known, but very necessary council: if you wish to have always in the reservoir pure, transparent water, plant in it as much as possible dafny. These tiny beings - true hospital attendants of reservoirs.

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