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Removal of stains from clothes (a part 2)

  • Stains from water on a glossy skin (bags, portfolios, jackets) delete, rubbing with their colourless cream for footwear. Rain stains on suede can be deduced, wiping their wire or rubber brush.

    The places which have Become shiny from sitting at all do not decorate clothes. More often they appear on woollen and silk fabrics. Eliminate their woollen rag moistened with acetone, liquid ammonia, denatured alcohol or their mix (in equal parts). Surplus of a liquid delete a blotting paper. If there are stains, it is necessary to wipe their liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon on '/2 glasses of water). Before it it is necessary to define, whether fabric colouring changes. The places which have become shiny from sitting on woollen fabrics clean dry small very much a clean sand; it is necessary to moisten stains with warm water, to fill on them a small layer of sand and to wipe the rigid rag moistened with water. Then all product to iron through the damp rag, the especially carefully become shiny places.

    From the preparations which are on sale in shops for these purposes, it is possible to use "¤ышъ" "¦юьхэ=рыіэ№щ" "¦шэѕ=ър".

    Stains from cosmetic means delete in the various ways, depending on their origin. They leave hardly even in the conditions of a dry-cleaner.

    Stains from cologne and spirits on the painted fabrics can be deleted warm glycerine or denatured alcohol. Stains from creams, masks, lipsticks, pastes which structure includes fatty substances, it is necessary to deduce solvent, for example benzene, uajt-spiritom which is on sale in household chemical goods shops, or a mix of various solvents. If thus on a fabric remains insignificant "юЁхюы" it can be washed off the dissolved vinegar or warm glycerine, and then to wash out water.

    On white cotton fabrics of a stain delete liquid ammonia and wash out water. Use also warmed up to 40 - 50 ° a hydrosulphite solution (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of hot water), then carefully wash out water with a powder intended for this fabric.

    From patentovannyh preparations the pastelike preparation is applied to removal of pollution from cosmetics with success "¦шэѕ=ър". They can remove stains from spirits, creams, and a liquid which is called "-№тюфш=хыі stains organic яЁюшё§юцфхэш " proof stains from lipstick and spirits are well deduced.

    Stains, podpalennye an iron, drive to despair the woman, especially the man, many of which are not able to use an iron. Happen such podpaliny which not undertakes to delete and a dry-cleaner.

    However it is possible to rescue a thing as follows: it is necessary to apply a solution of peroxide of hydrogen to woollen white and light fabrics (2 teaspoons on 1 glass of water) with the additive of several drops of liquid ammonia. If the hot iron spoils linen linen or other cotton fabrics, they need to be wiped hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon on 1 / 2 a water glass) and to leave on 15 - 20 minutes, then to wipe a dry rag; if it is required - to wash applying one of means to washing of cotton and linen fabrics.

    From too peregretogo an iron happen podpaliny brown colour. On colour fabrics frequently it is impossible to deduce them. And on white linen, linen and cotton such podpaliny reduce by bleaching by the solution filtered through a gauze chloric to exhaust (4 - 6 g on a water glass). Bleaching to make until the stain will not disappear. After that stains are necessary for rinsing carefully some times cold water, and then to wash all thing.

    Patentovannyh of means for destruction of stains from peregretogo an iron a little. It is necessary to apply with care such bleaches, as "…хышчэр" and " Арагац".

    Stains from sweat. Fresh stains on silk fabrics of various colour delete wiping by their solution of table salt (1 table spoon on 1 glass of water) or a hyposulphite solution. Hyposulphite is on sale in shops of the photogoods. After stain removal the cleared place needs to be washed out warm and necessarily boiled water. And here the recipe which cannot be applied to silk fabrics, but it perfectly removes stains from sweat from all linen, cotton and linen fabrics: a mix of table salt or drills and liquid ammonia (on 1 teaspoon on 1 glass, waters). After removal of a stain a fabric site wash out water.

    On white and light silk of a stain from sweat it is necessary to wipe a liquid ammonia and denatured alcohol mix (in equal quantities).

    From a silk lining of a stain delete also a mix (in equal quantities) nashatyrnogo and denaturirovannogo spirit. On a white silk lining of a stain from sweat leave a solution of peroxide of hydrogen with water (1 part of hydrogen on 10 parts of water). Stains on light woollen things wipe in the beginning a brush moistened with a soap solution, then carefully wash out water then stains moisten dissolved shchavelevoj with acid (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water). From colour woollen fabrics of various colouring of a stain deduce an acetone mix (3 parts), denaturirovannogo spirit (4 parts), and liquid ammonia (2 parts). Then a product some times wash out water.

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