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Removal of stains from clothes (a part 3)

  • Stains from urine moisten with a strong solution of table salt then wash out water. Inveterate stains deduce by means of lemon acid or the acetic essence dissolved with water in the relation 1:3, and carefully wash out. It is possible to apply denatured alcohol or a mix of equal parts of a solution of table table salt and liquid ammonia to the same purpose.

    Stains from fruit, berries, red wine. the First condition - to delete stains as soon as possible. If they fresh, delete them hot water. Stains from cloths, napkins, shirts wash a boiled water stream. A fabric with a stain stretch over a basin and pour boiled water from a teapot until the stain will not disappear. If there is no possibility for such urgent processing a fresh stain it is necessary to fall asleep table salt, to take 20 minutes, and then to wash out soap water. If there is a possibility, before it a stain some minutes to take in hot whey. Old stains wipe a mix of lemon acid (4 parts) and wine spirit (10 parts) or a water solution of lemon acid (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water). The fabric with a stain needs to be lowered in this solution for some minutes, and then to wash out consistently warm and cold water and to finish processing by washing of a thing with soap.

    Berry and wine stains from white things can be removed hydrogen peroxide then the cleared place is necessary for washing out cold water. It is more difficult to reduce a stain of such origin from woollen and silk fabrics light, and furthermore dark tones. In these cases them delete glycerine in a mix with wine spirit (in equal parts). It is necessary to grease a stain with this structure by means of a brush or cotton wool and to leave at some o'clock. Then to wipe a rag and to wash off water.

    Effective remedies for removal of stains from wine, berries, fruit from products from light fabrics is the preparation in tablets "-юы°хсэшчр". Its action in some measure corresponds to the name. Even inveterate stains can be removed if to process their solution of this preparation: in one table spoon of hot water to dissolve a tablet. Then a tampon moistened with this structure to process a fabric site, changing it in process of pollution. After stain disappearance the processed place wash out water if it is necessary erase and dry. From other preparations for deducing of colour stains of an organic origin it is possible to use poroshkoobraznym means "+¤-" and "-№тюфш=хыхь stains organic яЁюшё§юцфхэш ".

    Stains from blood. For their deducing it is possible to recommend universal synthetic washing-up liquids (CMC). But also they not always happen are effective. Blood stains on different fabrics are eliminated not by identical means. First of all it is necessary to remember that the blood stain cannot be washed hot water as it fixes them, and then stains are very difficultly washed. Usually fresh stains wash out at first in cold water, and then erase in a soap solution or solution CMC.

    From white cotton and linen fabrics the old stains which are not eliminated by washing, are deduced by liquid ammonia (I teaspoon on 1 glass of water) or a solution drills (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water). If after such processing there were painted stains, they should be wiped in addition a solution of peroxide of hydrogen (1 - 2 teaspoons on 1 glass of water), warmed up to 50 - 60°. But there are stains which and peroxide of hydrogen does not take. In such cases the polluted sites of a fabric are processed chloric izvestju with soda (in equal parts). A thing in a solution hold before removal of stains, then very carefully rinse, adding to water of a few vinegar.

    From woollen fabrics blood stains leave by means of a hyposulphite solution (1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water), warmed up to 40°. A thing to sustain in it within several minutes or hours (before stain disappearance) then to stretch.

    If you wish to take advantage of household chemical goods means we recommend preparations "…хышчэѕ" and " Арагац".

    Fatty and oil stains - the most widespread pollution on clothes and life subjects. Obviously, this circumstance is considered by the enterprises of household chemical goods which let out a considerable quantity of special spot removers in the form of liquids, pastes, powders and tablets, and also in aerosol packing. All of them are intended only for deducing of fatty and oil stains. Therefore we will tell in the beginning, we will more truly comment on widely advertised qualities of preparations "-шчш" "¦шэѕ=ър" "¦юьхэ=рыіэ№щ" "¤ышъ" " Агидель" "Рюяры" " Аэропятновыводитель" and "¤ =эют№тюфэр  ёры¶х=ър". All these effective preparations deserve that about them knew as much as possible our readers. Knew and used them. The means of single using intended for removal of fatty and oil stains from outer clothing - "¤ =эют№тюфш=хыіэр  ёры¶х=ър" - it is exclusively convenient. They can deduce any fatty stain directly on a pollution place: In a municipal transportation, on work, in shop, etc. A napkin break off on two parts and at once put them on processed surfaces from two parties and densely press. Through 3 - 5 minutes can be removed them, as the stain will disappear.

    The new preparation in aerosol packing " is not less convenient; Аэропятновыводитель". At the use a cylinder stir up, remove from it a cap and from distance 20 - 25 sm direct a stream on the polluted site of a fabric. After drying a layer of a white powder clean off a rigid brush. The novelty deletes stains from vegetative and animal fats, and also tar, greasings, a cream, fat sauces, etc.

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