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Removal of stains from clothes (a part 6)

  • Stains from flies on the things which are subject to washing, delete a soap solution or CMC at washing. On light linen and woollen fabrics of a stain it is necessary to moisten with the liquid ammonia diluted with water (in equal parts) or hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon on 0,5 glasses of water) and to leave on 15 - 20 minutes, then to wipe a dry rag, it is even better to wash.

    Soot and a soot have properties to leave proof stains of rough black colour. And not always they easily leave at washing. Therefore before washing of a stain from soot and a soot it is necessary to moisten with turpentine. Stains from things which it is impossible to subject to washing, delete a tampon moistened with turpentine.

    Some subjects of clothes cannot be erased, and sometimes it would not be desirable to erase all thing because of one stain. In that case they can be cleaned.

    the Velvet with water do not wash. After washing it loses colour, shine and a fresh kind. At first the velvet should be cleaned a dry brush, and then to wipe a rag moistened in uajt-spirite. Having dried, it is necessary to wipe once again all thing a piece of not starched cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. To lift and straighten pile there where it is trampled down, it is necessary to take some minutes a velvet over steam and to watch to splashing with its water as from it new stains can be formed. Then it needs to be dried up and polished a rigid brush till glitters. It is necessary to clean against pile.

    the woollen clean Berets kashitsej from zhzhenoj the magnesia dissolved uajt-spiritom.

    the Wool is perfectly cleaned by a soap root. To buy it it is possible in a homoeopathic drugstore or on a market. A way of preparation of a soap root: 50 g a soap root break a hammer into small slices and I fill in with boiling water (0,5 , then leave for days during which some times structure mix. In 24 hours structure boil within an hour under the closed cover on small fire, then remove from fire, allow to settle, filter through a dense gauze or linen, a rag. The received solution shake up in fluffy foam. A fabric clean the rigid brush moistened with broth of a soap root which perfectly deletes stains and restores colour. A soap root wash off nothing, clothes after that not, it is necessary to iron, it is enough to hang up on a hanger that it has dried out.

    the Fur with long pile needs to be combed from time to time a rare hairbrush. If the fur is amazed molju, it needs to be combed, dried, beaten out, then to wipe uajt-spiritom. For this purpose it is necessary to reel up the cotton wool moistened with this structure on hairbrush teeths. The cleared fur strew boric acid (from above) and in some hours beat out. A fur coat it is necessary at first accurately, but not too strongly to beat out, and then to clear a brush moistened uajt-spiritom. That the white fur did not turn yellow, it wipe a solution of peroxide of hydrogen (a table spoon on 1 l of water). Furs which have already turned yellow, clean a little stronger solution of peroxide of hydrogen, but only on wool top not to damage a skin.

    To removal of stains from fat and sweat apply one of next ways: 1) denatured alcohol - 1 part, liquid ammonia - 1 part; 2) liquid ammonia - 1 part, table salt - 3 parts, water - 50 parts.

    Sheepskin coats from within clean in weight which prepare from the pounded chalk mixed with uajt-stsiritom, and the greased top - pure uajt-spiritom. If the sheepskin coat top is made of a brilliant skin after its cleaning it is necessary to rub with a cream for footwear of corresponding colour (then allow to it to disappear). The suede top needs to be cleaned only a rigid brush.

    Hats clean differently depending on a material. Felt humidify (but not too) with the water diluted half with liquid ammonia and clean a rag, moistening with its this solution. At first clean a hat face sheet, then internal. A strip of a skin in a man's hat is better to wipe a rag moistened with acetone. Then a hat wipe dry a pure rag, put on a towel that it is good to dry, then smooth with a hair brush. Felt hats can be cleaned also, rubbing with their dry bran, talc or pounded pumice.

    Prorezinennye of a fabric cannot be erased in water, to iron, as it destroys rubber. Is better to clean their mix of liquid ammonia with water (a table spoon of liquid ammonia on 2/з a water glass). A raincoat put on a table and brush, moistening it in the prepared liquid (strongly it is not necessary to moisten), then rinse warm water and, without wringing out, broadcast on a coat hanger far from heat source, it is desirable in the open air.

    Raincoats prorezinennye cannot be cleaned chemical preparations, from it the fabric bulks up and loses the former properties. It is necessary to iron very cautiously, warmish iron. In the winter such raincoat should be stored on a coat hanger, in the distance ot^otopitelnyh devices. It is better to moisten with its water and to hang up on a coat hanger - in the course of drying it it will perfectly be smoothed.

    From a cotton matter and from the fabrics impregnated with water-repellent structures, it is possible to erase, clean Raincoats occasionally in a dry-cleaner.

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