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When and how to remove apples

  • Autumn grades of apples remove, when will start to fall down healthy fruits. Winter break long before so-called consumer value. Let they are still firm and not absolutely saharisty, but at lezhke will get both tenderness, and pleasant taste. Signs of approach of term sema at the grades which are subject to long storage, such: Pepin shafrannyj start to clean at light pink colouring, Antonovku ordinary and the Anise grey - in the beginning of subsidence of healthy apples (last decade August). Autumn striped - during a time of dimness of seeds (till September, 25th). A pear bessemjanku break days for 15 till a definitive maturity, that is, when its fruits on colour the green. Longest prior to the beginning of October, there are on branches the apples steady to osypaniju: the Slav, Skrizhapel, Kandil-kitajka and Pepin shafrannyj, break Them, without postponing business to frosts.

    For sema apples some stock is necessary: the high baskets-stolbushki sheathed from within by a material, or buckets with a soft covering, step-ladders. To handles of container it is better to attach a wooden hook - so more conveniently to hang up a basket on a knot or on a ladder crossbeam. Not bad and in hands to have a metre wooden hook: it is easy to them to tighten branches with fruits.

    Break apples skilfully. Here some requirements at their gathering: fruits cannot be rumpled and pressed them fingers; not to scratch their nails; apples in a basket to lower, instead of to throw; a fruit stem not to break off and not to break. At seme an apple grasp a palm, then a forefinger put to a fruit stem near its attachment to a branch and, turning an apple upwards, tear off together with a fruit stem. To shake a crop from a tree in no event it is impossible: beaten fruits for storage are unsuitable. To get on a tree it is better in soft footwear: boots break a bark, leaving difficultly healing wounds. The ladder should be put strongly and so that not to damage a trunk. Fruits start to remove from the bottom branches. In cleaning of apples are engaged in dry weather, after obsyhanija dews.

    The Removed apples sort on two grades and marriage. To the top-quality postpone the best fruits with a fruit stem, characteristic under the form and colouring, pure, diameter not less than 5 sm for round and 4,5 sm for the oval. Apples of the second grade can be typical and atypical under the form and colouring, but it is obligatory with fruit stems. In the size fruits, as a rule, more small the top-quality. All other apples will depart to rejected, suitable unless for house processing on juice, jams and jam.

    Lezhkie of a grade of apples on storage put in boxes spaciousness from 16 to 25 kg. Them stack on a shaving or straw layer, sidewise that legs of each fruit have been directed to one party. Numbers can be direct and diagonal. Each layer re-make a packing material: a shaving, a paper or straw. Full boxes close and put in storehouse far away from vegetables as apples easily absorb smells.

    Correctly packed apples can lie long enough: Borovinka and Titovka - about a month. Autumn striped and the Anise scarlet - two, and winter grades: Antonovka, Grandmother's, Skrizhapel - about seven months.

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