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apartment Repair

  • That most to repair apartment, it is necessary to get at least the most simple stock. Are necessary: a bucket for paints, kadushka or an unnecessary bucket for kuporosa, a little tin or glass jars for cultivation of paints, a wide chisel or an old knife for clearing of walls, shpatel for shpatlevki, a piece of pumice and a skin, a thick brush with a long bristle on the long handle for a covering of walls kuporosom, whitewashing, paintings by a glutinous paint, but it is possible to manage and mochalnoj a brush. Thin brushes of a different thickness for otvodok and a jobbing are necessary also a short brush with more rigid bristle for painting by an oil paint and some.

    Before the use new brushes need to be soaked in water that they became softer and the bristle did not drop out of them. If the bristle is too long, the brush is recommended to be tied up a cord.

    Before repair it is necessary to take out small things from a room, and large to shift to the middle, preliminary having wrapped up each subject a paper (newspapers, wall-paper) or a matter. Start to close from below that the subsequent layer of a paper found on the previous. A paper with furniture remove after will put out sawdust but before last layer of a paper will be cleaned from a floor.

    To protect a floor from pollution and damage, it needs to be laid several layers of a paper or to fall asleep a dense layer of wood sawdust.

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