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To you visitors (a part 2)

have come

  • After a dinner submit tea, coffee, whenever possible not behind a dining table, and in other room.

    The Celebratory supper ordinary consists of cold snack, cold (it is possible hot) a fish dish with garnishes and a hot dish from meat, a bird or game, with a garnish and sauce. On a table establish snack and the uncorked bottles with wines. Foods move in the subsequent order: after snack submit a fish dish, and then to the replaced plates - meat or game.

    For a dessert submit a pie, jelly, a cream and fruit. The supper comes to an end with coffee.

    If to you visitors have unexpectedly come, you can lay the table very quickly, having taken advantage of such councils.

    It is possible to offer two variants of laying. Here one of them. A long sliding table move up to a wall and cover, putting along a table of a hill of plates, glasses, putting plugs. Here it is possible to put snack or to transfer them on a separate little table. On other small little table to which it is possible to approach from different directions, put bottles with wine, jugs with drinks, mineral water, glasses, wine-glasses.

    On one little table it is possible to put a dessert, sweet dishes and dessert plateaus with spoons. Tables decorate with flowers or fur-tree branches, establish glasses with paper napkins, high vases with fruit and sweets, decanters with fruit and berry juice. Snack prepare in the form of the diversified sandwiches.

    It is necessary to be able to spread out beautifully sandwiches under the form: on one plate - round slices of bread, on another - triangular, on the third - rectangular etc. In two places on an average line of a table - a dish with the celebratory pie-sandwich cut on slices. Are pertinent here and decorative sandwiches in the form of chessboards and mosaics. The greens, a radish, onions will decorate a table. Other variant such.

    In the table centre put bottles with wine, drinks, on a circle - wine-glasses. Along a table put plates with bread. It cut thin slices and stack, alternating white and black in a circle so that one slice covered edge of another, in the middle of a plate a circle of slices place vertically. Between plates with bread put butterdishes with various oil mixes, small plateaus with thin slices of veal, beef, a ham, a hen or a turkey, the language, any kinds of cheese cut tomatoes, cucumbers, a radish and everything that was at the mistress in a refrigerator. About butterdishes it is necessary to put knifes, near plates - plugs, and visitors can prepare for themselves sandwiches to the taste.

    Do not forget to put some spice, greens, to put napkins.

    After a plate with snack it is possible to replace with a dessert, a tax of coffee or tea. In vases put fruit. It is necessary to submit also small pure plateaus, teaspoons, to put knifes for clearing of fruit.

    The table served with love and knowledge of business very beautifully looks. However the best ornament are flowers. They create mood, solemnity and conviviality atmosphere.

    How many, as when and where to put flowers - a question far not minor. Someone considers that the more in a vase of colours, the better. It is incorrect. It is easy to notice that a little tsvetkov, well picked up for the colouring, skilfully cut, put in corresponding ware, look perfectly.

    Flowers in a room should be put at such height that they could be surveyed from above or from outside. Tone of colours should be in harmony with each other. The combination of dark red, red and pink shades against a white cloth is very effective. Will well look yellow and dark blue tone. Blossoming bright plants are well allocated against fern greens, asparagusa, etc.

    After you have defined, what colours will decorate a table, it is necessary to pick up for them corresponding vessels. The motley vases decorated with bright patterns are undesirable. They should be steady, simple, but the beautiful form. Wild flowers well look in low small capacities.

    In a plant vase have freely. That part of a stalk which plunges into water, it is necessary to clear of leaves. Grace of a vase with the flowers is defined not only a combination of paints, but also the bouquet form. Therefore it is necessary to cut stalks so that they were the different sizes.

    High plants on long stalks, for example gladioluses or kaly, will disturb sitting at a table. Such flowers are better for putting on a separate little table. On a banquet table flowers place in small vases.

    The Bouquet it will be beautiful to look, if in a vase to put the loose leaf with apertures, a metal grid, a headdress "хцшъ" or sticks-rasporki. It is possible to arrange flowers on the main table from the opposite party from laying in the form of a garland. It is possible to put on the table centre a low vase with the flowers, to the right and to the left from it to put on a cloth greens, and against greens through all table to spread out roses or carnations. More close to the device, at the rate of one bouquet on four devices, it is good to put in a tiny porcelain or ceramic vase of a violet or a forget-me-not. It is possible to put flowers on the right side from each device, thus the stalk should be in the length 10 - 15 see

    Furshetnyj decorate a table with flowers in larger vases, but it is obligatory on a massive steady leg. On the centre put a small hill, on it expose vases with the flowers, fruit and decorative ceramics. Such registration will make furshetnyj a table especially solemn.

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