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  • The Light pure premise for meal, whether it be a dining room or the kitchen, well cleaned table, is tasty the prepared food submitted in beautiful plates, the affable mistress create good mood.

    When we prepare for reception of visitors, at once there is variety of questions: as it is better to make the menu, to prepare dishes that a tax for a dessert... The Main thing that on a table there were various dishes, but everyone in a small amount, beautifully laid and issued. Do not load a table a considerable quantity of snack and drinks. If you see that any dish was pleasant to visitors more, others, it is better to inform then it.

    The Great value has observance of behaviour key rules by all. Transplanting visitors, help them to sit down conveniently. Chairs for ladies of the man should remove. To women the first submit dishes.

    If food moves to individually each visitor, it put precisely against sitting, on the right side of the right hand.

    The Snack submitted in salatnikah, on mnogoportsionnyh dishes, place whenever possible on the left side of sitting at a table, and drinks from the right.

    On each submitted dish it is necessary to put the device necessary for raskladyvanija of food.

    Before to put new group of dishes, it is necessary to clean the used ware and devices. It is possible to clean and with left, and on the right side, and only after all visitors have eaten. Begin with that place where the woman or the senior on age sits.

    After that submit new dishes. From mnogoportsionnoj ware them shift on service plates, in the beginning the basic product, then a garnish and sauce.

    The Garnish type a spoon which hold in the right hand, help a plug which is in the left. The basic product shift, having formed devices of nippers: a plug have between, big and index fingers, a spoon - between index and average.

    For raskladyvanija krohkih products and beefsteaks with jajtsom devices are formed by rakes: spoon and plug handles (or two plugs) hold in a hand, a teeth and spoon deepenings plant in the parties, forming a rake. It is possible to give the same form to devices, keeping their one in right, another - in the left hand.

    It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to submit a dish and to clean ware through a table. Napkins, devices which the visitor has dropped on a floor, it is necessary to replace there and then pure, and then to lift that have fallen.

    If the visitor has soiled a suit, it is necessary to give it a wet towel and to help to remove a stain. A small stain on a cloth wring out a towel and cover with a napkin. If a stain big - replace a cloth.

    The Meal is desirable for submitting in identical on size, the form and drawing plates and to put them on such distance one from another that hands sitting at a table moved freely. To the right of a plate put a knife an edge to a plate, from a knife outer side - a table spoon, and on the left side of a plate - a plug an edge up. The Dessertspoon put before a plate. Before a plate, a little to the right, the glass for water is put. In the middle of a table put a dish or a basket for the bread cut by thin slices, a salad dish, a decanter with a drink or water, a saltcellar. A napkin put in a plate or to the right of a plate, under a knife and a spoon.

    Many mistresses avoid the use of napkins. In that case it is recommended to have the paper on a table.

    The Celebratory table cover with a white cloth, place plates, put knifes, plugs, spoons. Before a plate, but it is a little more to the right, place in one line glasses and wine-glasses. For their arrangement there are no rules: their quantity and size depend on drinks which will be offered. Not lishne to put before a plate at the left a small plateau for salad. In different places of a table put some small plates for bones and other rests. Napkins, it is good vyutjuzhennye and curtailed, put on a plate.

    At meal giving it is necessary to observe a certain order and sequence. Warm soups and salads move the first. They stimulate appetite, promote allocation of gastric juice and prepare digestion for the basic meal. A dessert submit in the end. The table should be covered for 1 - 2 hours before arrival of visitors. By this time the mistress should finish all preparations and have time to have a rest. The table should be served so that the mistress did not rise during a dinner or a supper, except for only cases when submit hot dishes.

    It is recommended to cut bread directly ahead of giving on a table that did not dry up, besides, in two-three places in identical plates or small baskets it is necessary to put on some slices of bread that it was more close to each device. With the same purpose place and 2 - 3 saltcellars. In the middle of a table it is possible to put a low vase with fresh colours, it very much will decorate a celebratory table. Elegant it will be made also by small bouquets of camomiles, cornflowers, narcissuses, the fur-tree branches scattered on a table. At device change empty plates clean on the right side, and full submit on the left side from the visitor.

    Before giving of a dessert from a table silently and easy clean everything, leaving only glasses for water and a wine-glass for wine. The mistress carefully cleans crumbs by means of a special brush and a scoop or by means of the curtailed pure napkin and a plate.

    When to a celebratory table submit some kinds of wine, an order following: to fish if is such, or in general to a dish following soup, submit white wine, to meat dishes and roast submit red wine. Champagne submit to game or to a dessert. White wines submit cooled, red should have a room temperature. Wines submit on a table in jugs or bottles. Bottles preliminary uncork. Only champagne open before pouring in glasses.

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