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the Sleeping room

  • Sleeping rooms can be subdivided into three types conditionally: employees only for a dream, with a place for work and with a place for the child. Their basic appointment is maintenance of quiet rest, a dream that predetermines also a choice for sleeping rooms of the most isolated premises of apartment.

    The Main subject of furniture of sleeping rooms - beds. Unlike described above transformed furniture for a dream which takes places in the general rooms, beds in the sleeping do not use in the afternoon and bedding does not clean per day. To dim beds it is possible in two ways. If the design of a frame of a bed is beautiful enough and expressive, a coverlet close only a mattress, turning in under it the coverlet ends, and pillows do in the form of platens and stack in covers. The bed thus as though becomes easier, more graceful, apparently, that it takes less places in a room. At other way of edge of a coverlet hang down almost to a floor. Pillows hide under a coverlet.

    For modern beds low backs are characteristic. Sometimes the back at feet is absent. If in narrow bedrooms of a bed are established across a room, this design is more expedient. The back at a headboard sometimes is done more widely by beds and on it hang small bedside tables or shelves. Hinged bedside tables on two beds can be and unequal.

    When beds adjoin end faces to one wall, that, having expanded pass between them, it is possible to place in it a toilet little table. Small banketka and a mirror on a wall will add bedroom furniture. It is necessary to notice that if the mirror bottom is over a floor not above 40 sm, and top not below 160 sm it will give the chance to see all figure in a mirror.

    In a sleeping room cases are absolutely necessary for dress and linen storage also. They can be freely standing or built in - pristennymi. Depth of a case should be 60 see In many sleeping rooms of new apartment houses there are the wardrobe rooms, a little different a configuration and in the sizes (in the plan G - or P-shaped).

    Wardrobe replaces a wardrobe, but can serve and a place for disguise.

    Moving furniture, enclose under legs pieces proparafinirovannogo a cardboard - you will relieve yourselves of an overstrain, and floors - from scratches. It is possible to enclose felt slices.

    If in a case for clothes there are no shelves, it is possible to make them. An internal premise of a case will halve also the left half fill with sliding regiments for linen. If the case height allows, under dresses it is possible to make a shelf-box for footwear. On one door hang up a cord for ties, belts.

    On another - it is possible to attach a mirror and a small folding shelf-jashchichek for hairbrushes and perfumery.

    Expediently on an internal door of a case to attach boxes for storage of small subjects.

    If doors of cases are badly closed, the furniture means is established incorrectly. It is necessary under one of legs to enclose a plywood slice.

    Strongly tense cords attached to two horizontal rejkam, can serve as very convenient and beautiful partition. Its transparency is regulated by density of the tense cords. Rejki fasten to a ceiling and a floor. On rejkah hooks should be densely strengthened.

    The Easy portable whatnot for books, newspapers and magazines - a necessary subject of the equipment of a corner of rest.

    At shift of furniture cases, buffets, desks should be released. Sectional furniture, and also its some elements (supplementary boards, mirrors, etc.) are transferred separately and are mounted on a place. To protect legs of furniture from blows about roughness of a floor, it is recommended not to drag furniture on a floor, and to transfer it. It is very important, that the furniture stood on equal to a floor. Roughnesses of a floor cause warps of furniture and change of the form of separate details. At roughness of a floor cases can have an inclination. It can be eliminated: it is necessary to enclose special wooden wedges under legs. The wedge which has been cut out from firm breed of wood, bring under a plinth or legs of a subject and, tapping with a hammer, advance until the furniture will not accept correct position. A superfluous piece of a wedge saw off.

    Pillowcases-covers in which bedding is cleaned per day from an ottoman, it is possible to make of one fabric or from two, with a frill and without it. A fastener on a pillowcase-cover do behind, receding from edge.

    With blanket covers, especially quilted, wadded, it is possible to hide Blankets in long covers (on width of a blanket) on the buttons, pulled together on the ends. The blanket laid in such cover looks like divannogo the platen which put to a wall in the form of an ottoman back.

    Pillows on an ottoman can be made square, round, the rectangular extended form. They can be made monophonic, of two voice-frequency or contrast fabrics, to embroider a cord.

    It is possible to make such pillow Of a striped fabric. A square piece of a paper of the necessary size cut from a corner to a corner on a diagonal on four triangles. One triangle impose on a fabric so that its long party has laid down along strips. Find from a fabric such four triangles. If in drawing of a fabric of a strip of different width or different colour, watch, that the edge of all triangles lay on an identical strip. Combine triangles on two, the person to the person so that strips have converged at an angle, check up, whether the strip converges correctly with a strip, forming a corner. Then sew other two seams. You will sew up it after when fill a pillow.

    The Round pillow with a cord can be made so. Find two identical circles of diameter necessary to you. On edge of one of them, receding on 2,5 sm, pin from the person a cord. That it laid down smoothly, on fabric edge make cuts. Then it sew. Combine both circles face to face so that the cord remained inside (when the pillow will be sewed, the cord will appear outside at edge), sew both circles together, having left a part sewn up. Turn out a pillowcase, fill also imperceptible stitches sew up an aperture too much.

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