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Stationary hotbeds

  • Under hotbeds, as well as under hothouses, select sites on the open place well shined with the sun. The site with low level of ground waters is not suitable, and about places where rain water constantly flows down, and there is nothing to speak. Hotbed constructions avoid damp, therefore to do them it is necessary on a dry and equal site. Odnoskatnye hotbeds should be established in a direction from the east on the West, with a bias on the south, and dvuhskatnye (with a so-called double skeleton) - in a direction from the north on the south.

    Hotbeds need to be protected from winds, mainly, northern and east. Structures suit this purpose, green hedges, trees which should be on such distance from constructions that did not prevent to access to them a sunlight. The same requirement needs to be remembered at installation of artificial fencings which become from various materials. A surface water formed at thawing of snow can bring the big harm to a ground of stationary hotbeds. That it does not happen, a site on which the hotbed is equipped, it is necessary to enclose with a ditch depth of 0,5 m. such ditch from outside movements of thawed snow is especially necessary.

    Hotbeds build of a tree, a stone, is simple from the earth, doing of it platens of certain height. But hotbeds differ from each other not only the material invoice of which they are made, but also methods of their construction. So, for example, odnoskatnyj, the profound hotbed is under construction at all how pristennyj or elevated on solar heating.

    We bring to attention of beginning vegetable growers the scheme of rather widespread hotbed which is called "Ёѕёёъшщ ярЁэшъ". It is warm odnoskatnyj a profound hotbed. Build it any truck farmer can. Work begin with the foundation ditch digging which width, on a bottom 120 - 125 sm, and above 145 - 150 see Depth define depending on area. In warmer - 50 sm, and in cold - to 70 see Length can be different. It depends on quantity of frames. A standard hotbed frame which can be got in shops of consumer cooperation and "Рхыі§юч=х§эшъш" has the sizes 160X106 see Proceeding from it, the hotbed can be built any size. But the most widespread are three- and five-frame constructions. Such variant when for a hotbed window frames available in an economy are used is not excluded.

    One of the main details of a hotbed - a box without a bottom which becomes from logs, podtovarnika or boards in width not less than 20 sm, thickness not less than 4 - 5 see Paruben - so long since name such box - should have width of 160 sm (on length of a frame), its general length depends on quantity of the frames intended to packing. Paruben keeps within so that the hotbed North side was above southern on 10 - 12 sm - for the best illumination by the sun. From a South side parubnja do a groove or fill on it rejki against which frames rest.

    Uneasy to glaze frames. Skilled masters do it as follows: a frame stekljat from below, with napuskom the top glass on bottom 1,5 - 2 Glasses see put in dredging of partitions of frames on putty, fix their carnations without hats and from above once again coat with putty. At such way osteklenija rain water does not get to a hotbed. White glass suits hotbed frames in the thickness 1,5 - 2 mm or bemskoe the glass, different special durability.

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