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Storage and preparation of vegetables

  • Green vegetables can be stored in a refrigerator long enough. The celery greens in a polyethylene package remain fresh five - six weeks. Kochannyj salad (cut off together with a cabbage stump) - about one and a half months. Spinach can be stored practically within all winter. Plants cut off, leaving 3 - 4 sm of a root, connect in bunches and freeze in a deep-freezer.

    It is possible to Dry almost any vegetables. Korenja wash, clear, cut thin slices, display on a cardboard, a paper, plywood or string on threads as mushrooms and hang out on a draught, but not on the sun. For 5 - 6 sunny days in the open air (but in a shade) or for 8 - 10 days in a room at temperature 20° they dry up. It is possible to dry and on protivne in a wind case.

    Leaves of parsley, a celery, fennel dry under sun beams, over a plate, in a wind case. Then crush in a mortar and keep in the form of green powder (it is possible and not to crush). Submit on a table as seasoning to the first and second dishes.

    To Salt various vegetables it is possible together, making the most various mixes for refuelling of the first and second dishes. For this purpose greens of parsley, a celery, fennel wash and small shinkujut. Root crops, and also onions napiform or porej wash and slice, rings or plates. On 1 kg of the vegetables prepared thus for giving of a mix of a pleasant sharpness and a smell add a pod sharp and 3 - 5 pods of the sweet pepper cleared of seeds and are thin the cut.

    Vegetables carefully mix from 20% of salt, a mix display in glass jars, condense, close a paper and fasten. Store this seasoning in usual room conditions.

    For pickling of cucumbers and tomatoes select the healthy fruits identical on the size and ripeness, stack them vertically (without fruit stems) in pure to bank, alternating their greens of a celery, parsley, fennel, currant leaves, a horse-radish, a tarragon and the crushed garlic. In total on a 3-litre jar put to 30 gspetsy. On the same volume prepare marinade: waters 1300 g, salts 60 g, sugar 8 g, pepper bitter and fragrant - 6 - 8 grains, carnations 6 pieces, 5 leaves of a bay leaf. All boil it in the enameled ware 10 - 15 minutes. When the solution will cool down, in it add 60 - 100 g 5%-s' vinegar and fill in in bank. Banks with cucumbers and tomatoes sterilise in boiling water 10 - 15 minutes then cork.

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