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Summer in a garden

  • Trees and berry bushes in green furniture, well grow. But together with them on pristvolnyh circles there are also weeds. After the last rain the soil is condensed, does not pass to roots air.

    Having armed with a mattock or garden vilami, loosen soil round plants, but it is superficial not to damage roots. Weeds will be destroyed. Do not abuse frequent loosening - advantage of it a little. And to water plants it is necessary as required when the soil dries up. When water after poliva will be absorbed in soil, and the crust from above is formed, it is necessary proryhlit and if there will be a manure humus or the crushed peat, to cover pristvolnye circles with a small layer. It will well keep a moisture in soil, and will interfere with growth of weeds.

    In the first year after disembarkation some any fertilizers to saplings do not give. Enough that has been brought in a landing hole.

    Do not think out for itself superfluous work in a garden as it is done sometimes by some beginning gardeners who almost soil loosen every week also saplings water. Especially harmfully to water often and gradually, moreover and very cold water.

    Wreckers and illnesses in a garden while a little, necessity of acquisition and using jadohimikatami disappears. If will find out on branches of single caterpillars, a plant louse simply remove them and destroy.

    Do not suppose excessive consolidation, zagushchenija landings. In a garden there should be paths convenient for pass, an easy approach to economic constructions, to a place of storage of fertilizers. Use the site area so that your landings did not shade the next plantings.

    In a garden accumulation of a waste (building the dust, the cut off branches, etc. is inevitable.). They need to be burnt. It is authorised to plant fires only outside of a garden in the places kept away from constructions, with obligatory observance of the established fire prevention rules.

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