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How to treat hollows of trees

  • Timely treatment dupel considerably prolongs term of a life and the productive period of a fruit-tree, and also raises its firmness against adverse conditions.

    To Treat a hollow it is necessary in the beginning of its formation: the it is less, the grows faster.

    In the beginning clear a hollow of dead wood and smooth out a sharp knife of its edge to the healthy.

    The Big hollows clear by means of a round chisel on the long handle which looks like scraped. The processed hollows disinfect 3%-s' solution copper kuporosa (300 g a preparation on 10 l of water.) then hammer rubble or the crushed brick and fill in with a dense cement mortal (one part of cement both six parts of sand and one part to exhaust). Small hollows fill in only with a cement mortal. Wound edges smooth out to live wood and cover with garden pitch or a mix of fresh manure and clay (1:1) with addition of a waste of a wool and hay that promotes fast zarastaniju wounds.

    Treat hollows in the early spring or in the spring. Wound edges cover in the spring.

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