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  • Behind there was a responsible work. You have broken a site into functional zones, have delivered a necessary material for building. The treasured purpose - a bookmark of the base and the beginning of erection of the house comes nearer. Whether the base is ready to erection of your house?

    This question very important and never needs to be forgotten about it. Seldom who from gardeners receives sites on which at once it is possible to put a garden, to build the house. We already said that under collective gardens the poor, inconvenient, rehumidified earths, with biases, ravines and other defects of soil, as a rule, are used. Such earths in the beginning "ыхёр=". We will not press in difficult aspects of special branch of a science. We will talk only about some ways accessible to us zemleustroitelnyh works.

    In pojmah the rivers the earth happens strongly humidified and even boggy. On such sites the drainage device is necessary.

    More a hard case alignment of the ground area or the device of horizontal terraces by means of embankments.

    Experts-zemleustroiteli recommend to do at a small angle of slope of the ground area embankments in a slope direction. The angle of slope usually makes 1:2. But if the slope soil is good for strengthening, it can be equal 1:1.

    To Achieve a necessary bias it is possible only podsypaniem the earths because at podkapyvanii the top layer of earth and the earth acts in film settles. That water has not washed away an embankment, it fix turf. That turf pieces did not slip, they need to be fixed the hammered wooden pegs. Simple council will help you quickly, and the main thing in regular intervals to cut turf briquettes. It is necessary to make a scoop that its basis did not exceed 30 its Sides see should be sharply ground. Such scoop with little effort it is possible to cut out pieces of turf in the size 30X30 see

    Embankments, have not become stronger yet, are often showered. Fix them as follows. At the embankment basis "тЁрЁштр¦=" the big stones, uphill strengthen the small.

    Along the edges of terraces it is necessary to plant bushes with strong root system, on slopes instead of a grass it is necessary to sow a clover.

    Terraces not only well fix soil, but also promote deduction of rain water. And that streams of rain water did not take down the earth from slopes, on edge of terraces dig water taking away flutes.

    On garden sites with the crossed relief or with terraces often it is necessary to arrange paths with steps.

    There are some ways of the device of such paths. The idle time is a packing of a natural stone. Between steps from such stone vyseivajut a grass which fixes a stone.

    It is possible to make steps directly in a ground by means of pegs, boards and stones.

    Steps from plates stack on the basis from rubble or the slag mixed with the earth. Between plates also it is possible to sow a clover which fastens the earth and gives to steps stability.

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