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the Universal rack

  • Offered racks can be used at various lay-out of apartments. Simplicity of the constructive decision and the varied sizes (length from 60 to 120 sm and more) do the device universal. The rack basis - a lattice collected from 6 - 8 racks and two crossbars-boards section 25 - 50 see From both ends of racks cut grooves on the depth equal to half of width of crossbars. The rack is fixed in raspor between a floor and a ceiling by means of a jack-bolt with a nut in diameter by of 10 mm and length 80 - 110 mm. When we tighten a nut, the bolt leaves upwards and, resting against a ceiling, fixes a lattice. In extreme racks of a lattice, having receded from the top end of 200 sm, it is necessary to drill through each 60 sm six-millimetric apertures for arms. Metal cores under the form remind corners. On the bottom plane the wooden shelf fastens, and the top part of a core is inserted into a rack.

    The Folding furniture in apartment is rather convenient. It facilitates apartment cleaning, saves a place. In the letters readers offer developed, them designs of folding tables, chairs and beds. However not each of them suits a certain room and for quite certain installation site. And folding beds in this respect especially demand an individual approach.

    You can use for this purpose a standard spring mattress, having supplied with its folding legs. Another will accept a wooden frame with a grid from rubber tapes and unprofitable porolonovym a mattress. One will establish a design in a room corner, and one folding leg and the probe hammered into a wall will be necessary for it only. Another - in the wall centre. And legs it is required two.

    However in all cases the folding cot should fasten not directly to a wall, and to a bar which is tightly beaten to a wall.

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