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Utjuzhka and glazhenie

  • First of all it is necessary to know, when a thing iron, and when iron. Iron usually all things, and iron them when they in some places will be extended, begin "яѕч№Ёш=іё ". Further we will more in detail tell, how it becomes, for now we will talk about glazhenii linen.

    Hlopchatobumaojunoe and linen linen iron from a face sheet, adding to it thus shine and a fresh kind. If on bed or table linen there is an embroidery after glazhenija it is necessary to turn each thing inside out and to press an embroidery on an outspread soft fabric a heavy iron that the embroidery has turned out convex. The iron at glazhenii should be hot, however not so that from it the fabric has turned yellow. If nevertheless the such happens, the turned yellow place it is necessary to moisten properly with a rag sated with a chisel liquid (a liquid teaspoon on a water half-glass) or a solution cosmetic drills (a floor of a teaspoon drills on a water glass), then accurately to rinse pure water and to press through a dry pure rag.

    The Iron put on a special support and if it is not present - on a plateau turned upside down. At glazhenii it is necessary to watch, that an iron not to put on a cord, and at wetting of too dry linen - casually not to moisten a cord: it can cause short circuit. The iron and a cord should be stored always in a dry place, differently the iron will rust.

    In some houses, especially in village, still use zharovye irons on charcoal. Such iron should be stored also in a dry place in order to avoid rust occurrence. To use such iron it is necessary cautiously that coals have not got on linen.

    the Color chintz, silk iron usually from a face sheet is shine adds to them. If want, that the fabric was matte, to iron it follows from a wrong side.

    If the fabric from artificial or natural silk is too dry, it is not necessary to splash on it water, and it is necessary to take a little it over steam.

    Natural silk and nylon iron not so hot iron, artificial silk - hotter.

    Woolen fabrics can be ironed from a wrong side and from a face sheet always through damp (it is better linen) nekrahmalennoe a cloth.

    the Cotton fabric should be ironed from a wrong side.

    Trousers before utjuzhkoj carefully clear of a dirt and a dust. Then iron "яѕч№Ёш" at knees: on the straightened site of trousers put a wet rag and put on it a hot iron (to move it does not follow). Utjuzhku repeat some times, without allowing to dry out a rag. After that trousers put exactly on a seam so that external and step-by-step seams coincided and with strong pressing iron their hot iron through a wet rag. If the fold keeps badly, trousers turn inside out and slightly grease an inside of a longitudinal fold with potato paste of average viscosity. This paste prepare so: 3 table spoons of potato flour stir in a glass of cold water and then pour in in boiling water (0,5. To grease a fold it is necessary a paste small amount that it has not passed through. Iron trousers from a face sheet through a rag on slightly dried up starch.

    After utjuzhki trousers hang up on special brjukoderzhateljah which clamp trousers at cuffs. To put on svezhevyglazhennye trousers does not follow, it is necessary to allow to them to hang for a while some hours.

    the Jacket and a coat before utjuzhkoj straighten so that the butt and an onboard canvas did not wrinkle and iron from a wrong side a hot iron, without using a damp rag. At first iron all pockets and stack them back. A bottom of sleeves iron through the humidified rag, watching that obtachka it was not covered. Having humidified all sleeve, it iron before drying, thus on an elbow seam folds should not be formed. Shoulders iron from a wrong side too damp, drying their iron. podborta iron through a damp rag. The humidified back iron an iron before drying, without using a fabric lining. Last iron a wrong side of a collar and lapels. For this sleeve turn out on a face sheet, on a lapel wrong side impose damp otparku through which iron with the strengthened pressing before drying. An iron thus slightly detain. A collar wrong side iron in the same way.

    Obverse parts of clothes iron through the humidified fine fabric. Utjuzhku begin with sleeves. Not fleecy materials iron from a bottom to projmy, fleecy - from top to down, on pile. Forward and elbow seams carefully iron. After sleeves iron shoulders, a back, forward shelves. The last iron lapels and a collar, straightening Zamjatiny and correcting corners of edges. At utjuzhke plechej it is recommended to use a special small pillow. After utjuzhki the thing should hang for a while on a coat hanger some hours before it will put on.

    Man's shirts start to iron with a collar. A bend humidify, a collar put and iron from outside, adjoining to a neck. Sleeves iron at first from a wrong side, then from a face sheet: it is necessary to iron from a shoulder to cuffs. Cuffs iron at first without an excess, then humidify a bend, bend a cuff and iron from a face sheet. A back iron from a wrong side and the person, doing in sredine a fold. Then iron a forward part: iron a bottom, and then straighten a fastener so that its edges lay absolutely exactly, and loops were against buttons. After glazhenija buttons clasp, a forward part of a shirt again slightly smooth.

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